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Thursday, 25 March 2021

The Art Of Manliness: Amputations


I can’t handle that website. I swear to gawd - some of those guys have to be poofs. And most a the rest are flimps, HAR HAR HAR!

As a lapsed black powder geek, I used to hang out with the weirdos and beardos on Claude’s old site... I don’t even know if it’s around anymore. The cannon guys were the most eccentric of the lot! They could raise your hair and make it stand on end as they gave lectures on culverns, demiculverns, falcons and all the other hell bores. And the shite they fired! “Grape” shot? Canister?!? Chains??? The injuries must have been hellish!!! In that period, in many places the battlefield surgeon was right up there with the was a ‘by guess and by golly’ proposition where if you survived to get off the battlefield with your injury... you probably wouldn’t survive the surgery. To do the job you would need a total lack of empathy and squeamishness.. and a very fast saw.


  1. That was about the size of it. My old family doctor, who would make the occasional house call, had amazing dexterity and speed. Back then, in the pre-penicillin daze, field surgeons were still desperately trying to improve their methods and techniques. Cauterizing wounds, for instance, tended to save lives once the sawbones was able to keep his patient from going into shock from the pain and dying.

    Belly wounds were fatal. Even today, belly wounds are a touch and go business. Infection, you see.

    Why do you post things like this, anyway?

    1. I post light hearted things like this, Jack... because there is far, far worse out there. One a the geeks started a channel on OyTube where he does cooking the same way they did during the Revolutionary American period. Some of the dishes are appetizing and savoury.


      Others would make you curl into a fetal ball and fall to the ground and have a nervous breakdown. I used to think the British or maybe the Scots were the world’s worst cooks... but you Yanks made stuff that makes boiled cabbage look tasty...🤢

  2. SUCCESS! Time for brandy!
    I just found my new motto which will not only feel good spouting after any mission accomplished, but will coincidentally drive her crazy. A twofer.

  3. Sure, like the guy getting his arm chopped off wouldn't be thrashing around and screaming his head off, with blood running out everywhere. (Yeah, I know - tourniquet - but still.)

    I do, however, like the "Success! Time for brandy!" line.