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Sunday, 14 March 2021

The Temporal Postman


I’ve been mentally gagging on this one for a week now. Sometimes stuff gets stuck in my brain and I get mentally constipated and bunged up as I try to break it down and digest it. The rotten wood smoulders and stinks within my cranium. 

Until about 7~8 years ago, my life was pretty mundane. My daughter was doing well at school and wasn’t doing drugs or getting into trouble. The wife and I jogged as we tried to manage our weight. We lived in a middle class home in a middle class neighborhood. Our families were average too. Our folks began to age, and we’d be with them through it as they were with theirs. I was the token old world conservative in our neoliberal families, the wife was apolitical with better things to worry about... and I suppose we drove each other crazy as families do, but we worked it all out.

Then about 8 years ago, everything went to shit. My family was not going to tolerate old world values anymore or the people that held to them. I got the punt and it worked for everyone I suppose, but a couple of them got divorced and had further familial breakdowns of their own. Life just seemed to get a lot more divisive and contentious for everyone. Not trying to accuse anyone - I will not tolerate any of the brave new world so I am no innocent by any means. When some shitlib or pervert starts scolding me about “tolerance” I hear the word “submit”... and that ain’t gonna happen unless somebody dies first. Whatever. Life is much different from what I’d expected. But under the circumstances... I am doing well enough for now. I am not rich, but I am by no means poor. Many in my circle may be in better financial straights, but being mentally and morally bankrupt carries its own adversities too.

What would I say to my younger self?

What is it, to be “successful” these days? I used to think it was Freedom 55, with maybe a yacht or vacation property or fishing boats. I know folks with all that and they don’t seem happier than anyone else. I do just fine down in the Reclusium with the electric heaters cranked, and the iPod running a play list doing my tard crafts.

I did a lot of things wrong and made many mistakes. But I did some things exactly right too. Sure, things could be better. But good grief... they could be one helluva lot worse too. The mistakes I made were as important as the successes that put me here. And how many of those failures were simply “no win scenarios” brought about by people and circumstances I had no control over? And how many of those actually brought about better things further down the road?

Dear Glen,

Make your own mistakes. Own your own mistakes. Appreciate what you have. Love your girl friend - she is the best thing you’ll ever have.

Get stuffed,


There! That’ll do it nicely! Keep it short and sweet, life isn’t complicated if we keep it simple! Keep ya stick on the ice, be simple... and have a great Sunday. Drop in again soon.


  1. for me - Quit smoking (finally quit after 42 yrs at 52),and put money into a retirement equity based fund even if its only 5 bucks a week.

  2. Pack up. Grab the girl you love and go.

  3. Don't fuck Jenifer Nowl..... What ever else in life you do, DON'T fuck that sloppy seconds bitch hoe Jenifer. Got me hooked on that shit. I would have been a lot happier and richer today if I only dated Rosy Palmer for a few more years.....

  4. I'd just say "Everything is going to turn out OK, even when it seems like it won't" I wouldn't say anything specific because everything that has happened along the way, got me to where I am right now, and I'm pretty happy with life.

  5. What an interesting thought exercise Glen! Sadly, mine would be pretty mundane. "Do not be so worried on getting a date or being liked by a woman. Focus on the goals you want to build to. The rest will come."

    Also, "Do not worry so much about everything".

  6. Lose the cigarettes. Don't spend thirty years of your life a slave to those damned things. It gets harder and harder as society moves on. Don't fixate so much on pussy. It'll come, and the less you try the more it will come. Embrace traditional values more, and try to get your kids to as well. Make more friends. Stay in shape, it's harder to get out and get back. And finally, always have a dog or two.