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Wednesday, 17 March 2021


There is a guy on OyTube that fancies himself as a gunnie. He drives me nuts - I think I only watch him because I hate him so much, HAR HAR HAR!  The pin head "tests rifles" - supposedly. His table is a busted up old cable reel. Instead of bagging up properly, he shoots off a dime store plastic rifle-cradle thing. His targets are paper pie plates, and the guns are often bargain basement models with bargain bin scopes. His ammo, nine times outta ten, is that cheap steel cased Chinese or Russian crap that pikers use - and when he pulls a half-decent sized group out of his arse, he'll tell the viewers that "A-HYUK! Ya don't have to spend a lot a money to get good results in this sport!"

I want to ring his neck. So - all the F-Class snipers can throw their $8500.00 (and up) precision rifles in the garbage, and get a good cheap econo-Rem/Win/Ruger/etc plastic rifle and a Fisher Price scope - and shoot like a pro? Whowoulda thunk it!!!

He isn't the only one. The other one that lights me up is the old "I can get my standard sporting rifle to shoot under an inch pretty easily with some careful handloading..." That is one where you have to be really careful... because some guys can actually do it, or come reasonably close. The truth is, most sporter weight, standard contour rifles will not shoot under an inch. They may do it from time to time, but for the most part... they don't. A sub-MOA gun goes under one inch, group after group, all day long. This fact seems to escape the noobs and some old hands - but ya just gotta let it go I guess. Whenever I ask these guys to show me their wonder rifles and how they shoot - they always decline. I don't push it with them because often they get their egos tied up in stuff like that. I've learned from painful experience to just let such boasting go unchallenged. The real deals will happily show off their bargain basement finds while the poseurs will just talk. I would advise new shooters wanting to bloviate in such a manner that they aren't fooling anyone. In the real world, with very limited exceptions - you tend to get what you pay for.


  1. "Let it go" Sage advice for a longer life for many situations we stubbers have and probably will encounter in our adventurous quests.
    I'm even letting go of the urge to put a Crossman .177 through the brain bucket of my neighbor's "We're going to let him bark it out" rat dog next door.
    I'm better for it. And my outdoor music is louder, too. Heh.

  2. Some things do work if you have time and resources. In the day, I wanted to find a load for Caribou. I worked up a load with a 5/8th inch group at 200 meters. Repeated several times. Shot him at 20 yards. Go figure?

    1. Use your tactical advantages Sarthurk. The fag up the street and round the corner walked down and gave me shit one day for flying one of my little drones in the kiddie park. I brought it in, packed it away and sulked. One day, walking past his house, I noticed two little dogs in the window barking their heads off as me and mine walked past.

      The next morning at 4:30 am, we went quietly strolling past - and one of his dogs noticed and went nuts, barking at the top of his lungs. Then he dashed away from the window for a moment, and brought back his buddy and they BOTH started yapping at the top of their lungs! HAR HAR HAR! NOBODY sleeps through a racket like that.

      I did that for about a week straight. :)