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Friday, 5 March 2021

Where Seldom Is Heard A Discouragin Word


It always makes me do a double take when I see cowboys and 19th century characters sporting automatic and semiauto guns. I suppose you have to remember that the sun didn't really set on 'the frontier' until the 30's and maybe even into the 40's in some areas. 

I fear that in the days ahead, we are going to be in desperate need of such weapons again, and in large numbers.


  1. Glen, along with wanting to drive a tank, one of my guilty pleasures would be firing a Thompson. They are incredibly wasteful of ammunition, but what an experience it must be.

    1. Well TB, I've done it. I lived out in Pierre, SD, and a friend of mine owned the gun store out there. On my last day in town he took me out shooting - and what a time we had!

      The Thompson he had used a 30 round magazine, and from watching other people shoot it, I'd say that you could either shoot it or you couldn't. I set up a line of plastic water bottles and took 'em all out, one shot per bottle. I swear a man could shoot skeet with that monster, but you have to keep your eye on the fun meter ($/box .45), and you have to shoot red hot loads, least your blaster fail to cycle a round now and again.

      They'll chew up the ammo alright, and they aren't all that quick to reload. Still and all, there's very little recoil.

  2. My father was trained with a Thompson along with the 1911 in the Air Force. He told me that they had a tendency to climb. If you ever see an old vet wrap the sling as a habit, that's probably why. He'd be 92 today.

  3. You are absolutely correct about 'the frontier' lasting as long as it did. Amazingly, the Arizona Rangers were not created until 1901!