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Monday, 8 March 2021

Xirl Science: The First Vagina On The Moon

 I shouldna thunk it. I never shoulda thunk, even for a second, that NASA and the US gubbimint had pulled it’s collective head out of it’s collective ass and was going back to the moon for it’s own sake. Nope... Project Artemis will be mostly about putting pussy on the moon, and maybe some vibrants too. Some people drink the koolaid ... and believe that the tokens actually survive and excel in the gruelling selection process that the top gun aviators go through. Unfortunately in the real world - it is what it is: the smartest professionals are men. The best aviators are men. The best engineers are men. The best cooks are men. And since we are being ruthlessly honest about it, most of those will be white men. The tokens are on board for show, and their mishaps and accidents are swept under the carpet and kept out of sight.

Destin lets the cat out a the bag in this fascinating vid as he chronicles the efforts of a new generation that is re-learning how to go back to the moon. I just love this stuff. What the boys are playing with, with these peroxide powered simulators - are basically crapcopters on ‘roids. The Mighty Eagles look like cutting edge stuff, and there is some seriously black magic going on in the craft’s black box... for 2013. But in essence the thing is much the same as my little toys. The flight controllers have solid state accelerometers and gyros, programmable PID controllers - with an absolutely kick ass suite of sensors and telemetry for the times. Yes, these machines can teach pilots to land on the moon. But Destin poses the question to his audience by asking the wrong questions: when the brave pilot is getting ready to break orbit and drop in for landing, should the robots handle the job, or should she do it herself? Should the pilot be trained to fly the real lunar lander in potentially dangerous full size simulator vehicles with ejection seats and all the risks, or should xhe not expose xerself and train with unmanned (I apologize profusely for the misgendering, but I’m not sure which pronouns to use) - drones?

If ya can’t ask the right questions, ya can’t do the friggin job. The late Uncle Bob is proven correct yet again. Women (and presumably faggots, and the various pan/transgendered parodies) will invariably choose safety over readiness and preparation every single damn time. The carefully guarded truth of women in the space program is that they suffer more fatalities, they have more accidents, and the only justification for having them is for PR value. Since Artemis is about putting women on the moon then yeah... the best course of action is to automate the landing process and pray that the electronics and the robots do the job and the woman doesn’t have to get involved. It’s the wrong answer to the wrong question, though. In the real world...

Of course, ya build the full size lander simulator! You stoke that thing up with enough  fuel to blow itself and it’s pilot to hell, and you pray the pilot can fly it and learn to handle it without killing himself! That could be exactly what he has to do on the moon! If worst comes to worst, he will have to fly with a Pamper full of fright, with his adrenaline going nuts while the devil, Darwin and Murphy laughing in his ear! Good grief!

Neil Armstrong nearly killed himself in a lunar simulator. He lost control of the vehicle, ran out of fuel and had to eject at dangerously low altitude. On his final approach to the moon he came within seconds of having to abort. Not to take anything away from him - but he did well under pressure because he was trained to. And, he was the best of the best applicants for the job.

Given the times, and the people involved... I don’t think America is ready to go back to the moon. It’d probably be better for the social justice warriors to posture and brag... and quietly let the chinks do it.

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  1. Okay, we the people of the U.S. of A. are going to land a few biodegradable life forms on the moon. Again.

    Why? Do we want a moon base, and if so, why?