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Friday, 30 April 2021

 You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at Hollywood. At the box office it’s just a steady stream of stinkers and bombs and Globohomo agitprop. The rankings of the Oscars apparently dived by 50% as the usual parade of morons and degenerates took to the stage to give themselves awards. Enjoy the laugh, I suppose; I’ve heard it said that only great people can tell great stories. I suppose laughing at Hollywood is the same as laughing as you cut your nose off to spite your face.

Today I escaped to December 7th, 1941 and watched Tora Tora Tora. It was a dire story but I found it oddly relaxing. The men were serious and sober and smoked cigars and pipes. As the Americans reeled under the surprise of the assault, they held it together even as their own FUBARS and SNAFUs manifested themselves with maddening regularity. The women were pretty and slim and gracious. There was no CG in the days when the movie was made, and the explosions and grandiose scenes had to be filmed in real life. 

What just blew me away was in one scene the generals and politicos are squabbling and arguing and saying their lines... and in the background I saw one of the extras fighting to fold a huge piece of paper. He was literally going hand to hand with it and I couldn’t figure out what in hell he was doing with it. And then I got it... he was wrestling with a newspaper! HAR HAR HAR!!! When’s the last time YOU did that? Do you remember those fuggin things? You had to take it apart section by section, and have room to lay them down as you got closer to what you were after. Often, if you hadn’t gotten rid of the previous day’s edition your paper today got mixed up with yesterday’s and then you were just done. If somebody got to the paper before you did, you’d have to go through a mess to find what you wanted. If you didn’t find it you’d have to go through it twice, often to find that one a the family had it and had walked off with it. Sometimes the daily news was an exercise in futility AND road rage! HAR!

Reminiscing about the good ol’ days is one thing... but there are others that I am truly glad to see the last of.

I really need to monetize the blog.
I would love to roll up on the gun tards and their kids with one of these. There would
Be no winning hearts or minds with that bunch, I would give
them all the very hell of it and God could sort them out!

Don’t think I wouldn’t do it either! 
I got PTSD at the Great Ninja Water Balloon Rebellion
in ‘98.
I assure you that I can handle myself on the battlefield.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

There Are Ways To Say No To These People


 Back in the Dream Times, you could walk into any restaurant, sit down to a relaxing non-political meal, and enjoy being out with friends and family. But then the scolds, the neurotics, the nannies and tattle tales took over and that was that for that. Darkness gathers about us.

The old nickel goes that if you can’t resolve your differences at the soap box, there is the ballot box. If that doesn’t work, there’s the cartridge box. We all know where we are on that one I suppose. But before we all praise the lord and pass out the ammunition... it might yet be possible to avert some of what is yet to come. I am not hopeful but it’s worth a shot.

There are rays of sunshine. Hollywood has revealed itself to infested with child molesters, pedos, rapists and homos. They’ve come out of the closet, loud and proud - and the ratings for the Oscars dropped by over 50%. Basketball black baboon, Leboon James - is getting egged for trying to gin up fake hate crimes on a cop who had to shoot that knife wielding black girl before she stabbed another girl. Coke recently tried to squeak out a mealy mouthed non-apology for accusing its white customers of being bigots. In my case they may have a point... but i don’t think it is racist to say, “If you don’t want to be called a nigger, don’t act like one.” Whadda I know.

I think my one-man crusade against Coke cost that corporation $7.99 over the last month or two. Big whoop... but they felt it when 12 million other grumpy old stubfarts quietly did the same. Multimillion dollar mistakes tend to cost people their jobs. Chances are that I will find another cola supplier sooner or later that wants to sell me pop rather than politics. They may even make a better, cheaper product too. How much stuff do we actually buy without even thinking about it? How many times have you just tossed Aunt Jemima in the grocery cart, and started looking for the next item on your shopping list? For a buck or two more... you can get superior pancake syrup that is made from authentic maple sap rather than corn starch. Is it worth it? I couldn’t tell ya - I’ve never taken the time to really think about it. Maybe I should. 

I was going to give the financial finger to Gillette for corporately accusing me of rape and spousal abuse. But my idiot wife came home with a life time supply of razor blades shortly after the scandal broke. I was livid and was going to give her a bare bum horse whipping... and she said, “They were 60% off on sale you old dick head!” Then I said, “Didjya ever stop and think about why they were so cheap, you silly old -“ I wasn’t able to finish the thought or the sentence because the fry pan came round and caught me on the side of my head. F*** cast iron, and f*** Gillette too! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!

Yannow it’s surprising how much good can actually come from this cultural war. How much time have you spent on the couch with a beer and a bowl of chips, mindlessly grazing as Leboon James tries to bounce a ball around Tyrone and Jaquarius and shove it down their hoop? You could go outside in the great spring weather, rake the yard or walk the dawg and BS with the next door neighbour. Instead of blowing $50.00 for a night at the movies, you can buy 2000 magnum rifle primers and put up ammo stocks at the loading bench. Instead of blowing a hundred bucks at the restaurant... why not buy your food and learn to cook it?

We really need to check our eye sight too: on our side of the political divide, we need to look in the mirror and see how these slovenly habits have crept up on us, and what they have done. I dunno about you - but I have some changes to make. They’re good ones too.

Maybe on their side... maybe Laboon James needs to look out in the crowd and see his fans, and not cone headed clansmen? Maybe Coke can go back to taking care of that parched, sweaty homeowner whose just spent a blazing afternoon out in the garden? One can dream I guess. But - without our attention and support and an audience ... the vast majority of those people are nothing. Without money they are less than nothing. The only weapon those guys have ... is govt.

This should be an integral part
of prepping.

I hope your Friday is fast and fun, and that there are good plans in place for the weekend. As always - thanks for stopping in.


The blood of the foolhardy and the
innocent will run too...

Camp Guns


I would love to have that humpie-backed shottie. I have no idea what I would actually do with it ... but these things look beautiful even when they’re chopped. Mind you... I suppose I say that at the risk of being beaten to a bloody green pulp by angry stubfarts and sportsmen traditionalists who would consider the Browning to be the ultimate waterfowl gun...

Given the way Whitey is handling chinkypox 
I think the joggers
are pulling ahead of us...


Friggin Illegal Aliens

 We could actually use them I suppose. The rule would be that if they caught some vibrant or ethnic crapping on the street - it would be fair game and they could eat it. Otherwise they could graze in homeless tent cities.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

The Filthie Gourmet: Chicken

Well it's kinda a grey day today. Saw a few snow flakes but I *think* winter is pretty much done with us. The only snow I am seeing now is in some of the shadier places where they stacked it up during the winter - and all that is pretty close to gone. With nothing pressing, I decided to have another go at chicken. The wife had $14.00 of chicken in the fridge so I decided to fire up the sportsman's novelty grille I got from Cabela a couple years ago.

I suppose I coulda done it all with some deadfall I stole from the archery club out in the sticks. I suppose I didn't steal it; the club president said I could have all the deadfall or standing dead wood that I want... but I felt like a thief when I was taking it for some reason, HAR HAR HAR!!! Maybe it's because if I got caught by one of the club executive stubfarts, I would have gotten the third degree. Those guys don't let anything go. The little colonial belt axe did the honours with some of the bigger stuff I split to get a nice bed of coals going.

It's not the usual cheap pot metal hibachis you get from PakieMart or Ukranian Tire - this one is cast metal but I wonder if burning wood in it isn't a little too hot for it? I will find out I suppose. Lunch today is a chicken marinade: ya put the chicken in with Soya Sauce, honey, and sweet chili sauce. You are suppose to let it ferment for half an hour but I let it go for a couple as I had to take the dawgs out on patrol.

I didn't have any liquid honey, all I had was that hard crap. I scooped out a couple table spoons and nuked it to soften it up - and you really gotta watch it - in less than a minute it was bubbling and boiling and made a helluva mess.


All ya do is heat up the cast iron fry pan and dunk the whole works in.

Yes I could have done all this on the stove... but I figured if I had a run away boil over or something, it would be better off having it outside... and I just needed something to do today.

Hmppfpfpfpfpfffff. Not bad. It's no screaming hell either... we'll call this one a win, because nothing burned or boiled over or broke! I am going to pig out... and maybe leave a few scraps for the wife when she gets home from work tonight. 

If I Hear One More Fuggin "Dad Joke"...


That's it!!!

I'm gonna KILL somebody!!!!!

Now See Here, You Damned Yanks...


I want this to stop immediately. 

Good lord. I am so sick of these bloody plastic holsters. Not even a Glock deserves that. And - push daggers? Seriously? What are you guys? Americans? Or friggin pakies? And hell’s bells. Hanging guns in your women?!?! Maybe you gents need a reminder of what they can do with rolling pins... or fry pans! 

If you going to carry... do it like the 
good guys.

Good As New


Of course my preference woulda been
duct tape... but you make emergency repairs with what you have
- not what you wish ya had.

The Origins Of White Supremacy


Let’s Get This Day Started Off Right!


Monday, 26 April 2021

Never Thunk That I'd Actually Say This...

 ... but I LOVE the CBC.

I'd like to wish all of you that suffer from 'hoarding disorder' the best of luck in dealing with your affliction.

HAR HAR HAR!!! Bagdhad Bob lives!!!!

More Fun With Chinkypox F***tards

While back, a fwench priest down in Calgary was getting hassled by The Chinkypox Gang and he literally ran them out of his church. It was a treat to behold. An idiot Karen in a mask, flanked by a squad of city cops in riot gear burst in on their Easter service - and he single handedly ran that bitch and her squaddies off. She’d start to run her mouth, he’d tell her to shut it and go see his lawyer... and the poor cops shuffled their feet, looked sheepish and wished they were somewhere else.

I’d heard they sent a SWAT team and rounded him up but apparently it was fake news. He’s now going viral with another chit show that ran exactly the same way the last one did. The COVID cankle and the squaddies showed up, he told her to put a sock in it or run her mouth at the lawyers...and everyone left once they realized Karen wasn’t going to be heard or lecture anyone. I don’t get it: the priest in Calgary gets a pass. The one up here in Edmonton got thrown into solitary and they threw up a chain link fence around the church. I used to respect the law enforcement community and defend them when people slagged them... but not anymore. They aren’t protecting people anymore, they’re harassing them. I also don’t get the COVID Karen’s. The stupid bitch had to run her mouth at the priest. The conversation should have ended the second the priest told her to go see the lawyer. But she had to lecture, she had to try to intimidate the guy, and he had to submit to her. When she finally stormed off in a rage, the cops shuffled after her - clearly embarrassed. We are opening a really nasty can of worms, folks. 

On a blog far away from here - I think it was a big one for grey hairs and retirees, the guy proposed a grand idea - stimulus checks should be tied to the vaccine. You don’t get the jab, you don’t get the cash. All the other seniors quickly agreed that it was an ingenious way to force people into compliance - it was the only way to end this horrible plague!! It’s really funny how cowardly some people get when they are into their later years and get around in Velcro shoes and have to wear diapers. I was tempted to crap in the comments... but there’d be no point. They listen to the mainstream media and daytime TV, they know everything so they are obviously right!

The wanks on Blab are having a field day. Apparently some fag on Twatter died after getting the jab - and he had previously been all over it with insults and rude jokes about people reluctant to take the shot. Karma’s a bitch I guess. Another young mom got the jab and was breast feeding her baby - and the tyke died as a result. Who knows, I’m sure there is as much fake news on my side of this as there is on theirs. Around here they have enough vaccine, everyone that wants the jab has taken it... and there’s a huge majority of people that still haven’t taken it. I suspect that soon the media will just lie as it always does, and in a week or two we’ll hear that those people all magically changed their minds and came in for their shots. The geriatric seniors and neurotics will heave a sigh of relief... and the hunt will be on for a new bogeyman and people to hate. It’s all so tiresome.

But whadda I know.


I simply have to monetize the blog and maybe learn to grift on There are simply some things in life that are more important than personal pride and self respect. If anyone could gibs me some money or crypto... I would appreciate it.

Have a great Monday all!


Monday Ablutions



Sunday, 25 April 2021

Couple A Thoughts On The Ammo Shortage

 For some reason us Canookies didn’t get hit as hard by the ammo shortage as you Yanks. I say that only as a reloader - I haven’t shot factory ammo in 100 years. But I could scrounge powder, bullets, primers and brass with a little digging. My spies are telling me some restocks have come in... so hopefully some of that filters down to you guys in the US. When the market recovers... be smart. Get a reloaded, and see to your own ammo reserves. 

But... I was thinking a little outside the box here: consider archery as a stop gap measure? I will not for a second compare the bow and arrow to be anywhere close to a semiautomatic as a means of self defence... but... the competent archer is not something to be taken lightly under certain tactical conditions. If you could make those conditions part of your self defense/self reliance plans... hell, it’s better than nothing. If you choose to shoot with a mechanical release as I do, the benefits of trigger squeeze, and follow through will carry over into your musketry as well.

A crossbow might be an alternative too. I don’t know if I am sure about the truth of this... but for whatever psychological reason, I’d prefer to get shot rather than getting arrowed. These new insane beasts are mind blowing... they are hitting 400 FPS velocities now. I would love to have one but the prices on them will give you a nosebleed. Some are guaranteeing accuracy statements of 1 MOA at 100m now. There are plenty of rifles that don’t shoot that well.

Just a thought, though. Anything that keeps you shooting and offers a degree of protection is worth considering.

The punditry has been making great sport of the Chauvin/Floyd legal fiasco. I guess they set up a shrine for him where people of colour can go to grieve and white people can too, but only if they aren’t too white about it. I laughed when they started calling him St. Floyd... but....

There’s miracles a-happening at the Floyd shrine!

The gory details are all over at American Digest. Almost as good as the article is the first comment on it by a crime thinker calling himself ‘Ghostsniper’: 

“Think I have surpassed my “Insanity Input Maximum Limit” and will turn this box of shit off.
It’s far, far better out here in reality land.
Doncha think?”

HAR HAR HAR!!! That’s the comment of the week right there!  I’ve certainly thunk such thoughts myself.

Lots of folks are thinking likewise. Patrice seems to be of that mindset. She’s just a little bit more graceful about it. 😊👍

 I shouldn’t run my gob. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed... but... I dunno folks. I’d love to spend my days out in the shop or barn, or out in the back grillin’ and chillin’. But every day, the evil out there grows, and becomes more and more aggressive. I know that I am right about that much. Idiots bargain with lunatics about which freedoms we get to keep.

I just don’t know what can be done about it. What CAN ya do? Stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening?

I’m going to keep this box of shit on, I think. We really need to keep our eyes open right now.



I wonder. When I was a kid, we all had bikes and baseball and BB guns. There were no real mass murders to speak of, but that was then, long before the neoliberal society bore all its froots. Awhile back, I heard some teacher was doing the COVID online learning thing and spied a BB gun up in a rack that one of her students had on his wall. She called the SWAT team on him. The sight of the BB gun curdled her milk, and Toxic Masculinity has to be stamped out. Our sons are growing up in a world where they are actively encouraged to cut off their junk and ‘become’ girls. Or queers.

Today your sons and grandsons don’t do BB guns, they do riot guns, plasma guns, rocket launchers, grenades, limpet mines, flame throwers, attack helicopters, fighter planes...

I wonder if these are a sane or safe replacement for BB guns? Is a Saturday afternoon with Dad better spent in front of the TV playing video games or out at the club, or down by the riverbank with a .22?

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Today's Misogyny ...


When I was a kid, the womenfolk absolutely LIVED on the telephone. Mom would get a pot of coffee going, pull in an ashtray, and just chatter away with the other hens. And lord - they talked fast! Remember those old dial up modems? I think mom and the hens had a baud rate orders of magnitude above the fastest ones. It was not a case of "Blah blah blah" with them... it was more like, "Blablablablablablablablablablablablablablab!!!!" I don't think they'd stop to breathe or one of the other hens would take over and shut them out!

One of the idiot bloggers had me HAR HAR HARing when he proposed the idea of bringing back that medieval torture device for gossipy women - it was a metal mask/helmet thing that covered their mouths and clamped their lips and tongue so they couldn't speak! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! Ya gotta admit, the idea has merit. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Justin Turdo are a couple a bitches that could benefit from such a device...

Nowadays though, not so much. I suppose they are all facebooking and twittering now. It's odd, isn't it. Some sounds like the cattle and the chickens - I miss terribly. The cackling of the womenfolk was therapeutic too - provided ya didn't listen to closely, HAR HAR HAR!!!





Words To Grow By


I Have Been Compromised


Dammit. Those scum suckin’ commie sonsabitches hacked my blog! I’m burned!!! Next thing ya know, they’ll make Joe Biden’s milk curdle, and Hillary Clinton’s cigar will fall in her Frootloops... and we’ll be at DEFCON 1!!! Don’t panic Filthie! DON’T FUGGIN PANIC!!!!

Pete - ya gotta take care of that shipment of Russian wives I got coming in. DON’T let Quartermain near ‘em. Or Jack! They will need lots of food - vodka and koobasaw should do it...

M! Get word out to General Aesop! Not only is he in charge of the second American civil war...he now has WW3 on his plate!!!

Dammit... they have me surrounded!!! All I can do now is rig the Thunderbox to blow, and take as many of them with me as I can! Hey Ivan!!! Come get me, you cabbage eatin’ beet fartin’ sonofabitch!!!

Errrrrmmm... the rest a ya’s... have a great Saturday!

Friday, 23 April 2021

The Filthie Stacker

 Back when Barkie Obutthole got hold of the his nation's credit cards and started flashing money round like an inner city Detroit pimp - I thought the USA was done. And - if our largest trading partner went gurgling down the crapper... Canada wouldn't be far behind. My retirement investments were okay for the moment - but I moved them into more stable 'bomb proof' investments that didn't pay a lot of interest. I was buying a couple hundred bucks a month of physical silver.

I started buying at around $20.00/oz Canukistani... and I gotta admit that I felt kinda foolish as America survived Obama... and the price of silver dropped to around $17.00/oz. But by then I figured I better hoard cash too. When I invest I do it for the long term. You don't get excited when the prices go down a bit, and ya don't get excited when they jump a bit either... but... holy chit.

I'm not sure I would be buying silver right now...

Silver Price in Canadian Dollars

Apr 23, 2021 11:20 NY Time



-0.24 (-0.75%) 



Silver Spot PriceSilver Price TodayChange
Silver price per ounce32.41-0.24
Silver price per gram1.04-0.01
Silver price per kilo1,041.85-7.85
Silver price in pennyweight1.62-0.01
Silver price in tola12.15-0.09
Silver price in tael (HK)39.38-0.30

Continuing Experiments In Russian


In Russian there is no verb “to be”.  You don’t say, “I am a hockey player.” You say, “I hockeyist”. It sounds crude to my ear, but whadda I know? All I know for sure is that the Russians can build a better rocket engine than Americans can, but I can also see how these guys end up putting ejection seats and screen doors on the capsule.

The semantic punishment continues apace...

Glory Days


My father in law and I were polar opposites. For all the time I knew him he tried (and succeeded) in getting under my skin. We drove each other bonkers. It was the damnedest relationship... I think his family drove him around a different bend than mine did with me ... but he was being driven just as I was. He would tell me things he’d never say to the family. I could tell him stuff in complete confidence too. His wife was a problem and a trial for him, and probably still is. I wouldn’t know, we don’t speak anymore.

Before we parted the road between us, he’d sometimes tell me of one Friday when he and the guys at work decided to take a weekend off. They loaded up the vehicles with booze and cigarettes and headed down the Forest Trunk Road to camp out. That was on the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. Back in those days that area was remote and isolated. This was before the advent of cellphones, even AM radio was tetchy out there. Somehow, all the guys were able to get away for it. They built a campfire, pulled out the baseball mitts, and just talked and laughed the night away, without a care in the world until they passed out. They didn’t even put up the tents, they just slept in their cars. They were Away. Away from the wives, the kids, the drama and the bullshit. They were kings. It was one of his most cherished memories. The guys tried, but they never got away like that as a group again.

I think it grated on him - I was able to get away any time and often did so. My wife was always good about such things. I was never under the wife’s thumb as he was. I still think about him from time to time. He was a simple man that liked simple pleasures in a family that didn’t allow for that. Perhaps it was a point of commonality that allowed us to coexist for awhile without murdering each other.

I hope everybody has a great weekend lined up, and that you are in a position to make some great memories.




I am not naturally a tinfoil hatted conspiracy theorist, and I dunno if California is actuality trying to ban ham radio (those morons want to ban everything)... but this one makes you think. I piddled with the idea of a licence, at one time I wanted to dabble in long range crapcopters and drones. The frequencies I would need for that were all regulated and controlled and required a license. 


What’s the difference between me being on those freqs with a license or without one? 

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Friggin Pete is WORSE Than Quartermain...


... I better not hear any inappropriate laughter
neither... or someone is gonna catch the very hell of it!!!

Some Of You Have Had Too Much To Think...


Tests In Tastlessness


Ulp...a ketchup taste test...🤢

When Coke got woke and told it’s loyal customers to act less white, I chimped out in rage, started tearing up grass, and then beat on my chest with my fists and shrieked my fury!!! When I finished with my display of dominance, I instructed my wife that I never wanted to see another bottle of Coke in the house again!

So when we went camping last week she bought me a six pack of Pepsi for a treat. I want to go on record and say I can tell the difference Coke and Pepsi... and Pepsi is just pop. 100 years ago they used to run public taste tests and a lot of folks couldn’t tell the difference between them. Maybe because everybody was smoking 2 packs a day back then? And burnt their taste buds? But the cola wars were a big deal back in the day... “There seems to be a little confusion here, Filthie...”

I suppose the question now is, ‘why am I drinking ANY of this shite?’ And why are you? It’s just sugar and water... and some really nasty chemicals.

Better to leave them all to the niggers and faggots and be done with it...😆👍

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Bog Blegging


Can somebody please buy me one of these please? It’s supposed to snow again tonight...


The Glories Of My Youth


When I was a kid I could probly drink a whole six pack of these, slam two MacIntosh toffee bars, eat a bag a chips, then ride the empties down to the Chink Store for the refund - and be home in time to eat supper!

I started this post off craving an orange crush but now I am suppressing an urge to vomit. 🤢



A spectacular ditching job...

I get pelted with rotten froots and vegetables whe I say it, but I am correct: these glorious old warbirds should be retired and hung up in a museum. Their day is over. They’ve done their duty, they’ve earned their retirement. Just to restore this bird for a half decent static display will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It will almost certainly never fly again.

I love them as much as the next guy, but when these things are lost, a little piece of us goes with them.

Must Be Coopville...


Steam is king in Coopville, and the grounds
are always impeccable...

A Musical Interlude

 The human heart wants what it wants. Logic, reality - even sanity - be damned. Deprived of what it wants, the heart grieves and breaks. Sometimes pieces of it can be held together to keep it functioning, and it may even heal... but the scars and wounds will always be with it. It will never be the same.

The human heart can't be denied but it can be diverted. Sometimes it's as simple as just pulling away from the lunacy and putting your entire concentration on just putting one foot in front of the other. Do the best you can with the job in front of you. One job at a time, one day at a time. It buys you time. When your family, or your community or country is dying the first thing you will want to do is drop everything, dive in and take a side and make things right. Usually that is exactly the wrong thing to do, and you'll only make things worse.

Half of Americans are high fiving each other and patting themselves on the back for avenging George Floyd. The cop that committed proximity racism by resting a knee on Floyd's shoulder as they took him into custody has been charged with murder AND manslaughter. A court, filled with legal professionals, decided the cop accidentally-on-purpose murdered Floyd. The mind wobbles. And the heart does what it does, faced with the evidence that it's country is dying. The morons, traitors, and deviants dance and sing in the streets of their victory. Up here in Canada, shit like this goes on behind the scenes all the time. I stopped paying attention to that too, it will make you crazy.

Diversion beckons. Here is a toon from better times, when we were better people. See to your preps and your gardens. Check over your stores, and keep a watchful eye on your loved ones.  That is your focus.

Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

As Clown World Gives Way To Hell World

 I’ve stayed out of the Chauvin case because I tend to be old fashioned about such things. I assume that the law will be enforced. I assume that the judicial travesties are the exception rather than the rule. When the Chauvin case came to light, I saw all the evidence the mass media tried to hide. I saw ALL the body cam footage. I saw the toxicology reports. I saw George Floyd treated with deference he did not deserve. In a real country the case never would have made it to court. But the system is broken now. Apparently we are sacrificing our cops to appease a growing population of stupid, violent blacks that will hate us anyways.

Conventional stubfart wisdom calls for essentially two strategies as our nations dissolve, both losers. I personally favour Option One:

  1. Loud n’ proud: don’t give one inch to Clown World; when Maxine Waters and her legions of violent, stupid negroes show up to burn down your home or business because racism - let them eat lead! When you fall from this earth, you will leave a corpse surrounded by mountains of expended brass, empty guns with their bolts locked back... and piles of your enemy’s corpses all around! Maybe it’s not Maxine and her Malodorous Monkeys. Maybe it’s the turd brained street kids and liberal arts flunkies of ANTIFA... or the militant queer social justice warriors. Does it matter which monsters are involved? Do you really want to live in any world where they run the show? I suppose, if you can handle it.... Option 2 presents itself.
  2. Go Grey: drop down below the radar. Don’t look people in the eye, don’t stand up unless you have to, don’t draw attention to yourself. Blend in. Go along to get along, and hope you survive the purges, the scorched earth, the great leaps forward, the five year plans. The names will change I suppose. Now it’s “The Great Reset” or “Building Back Better”. Ethnic cleansing goes by many noble sounding names. It’ll be a piece of cake once all the supply lines are shattered, and the world is cleansed of racists, homophobes, antisemites, and other vermin. Essentially all Option 2 is... is a deferred Option 1. The Gray option is only, at best, temporary. The clowns historically have killed millions once they get rolling. You can die well with either of these options I guess.

Hmmmmmm. I suppose both are honourable ways to deal with dishonest and dishonourable people intent on setting the world on fire too.  Going postal, going Galt, going Gray.... what about going rogue?

What if, at the next BLM peaceful protests.... dozens of buses were available to take demonstrators to visit Maxine in her neighborhood? Just want to make sure she hears the voice of her people, right? What if a couple of rogues “overheard” Justin Trudeau making anti Semitic remarks to curry favour with his moslem friends? What if women started crawling out of the woodwork to make accusations of rapes that happened 20 years ago? What if harmful rumours sprouted before they could stamp them out? What if all kinds of wedge issues sprouted like wildfire for the bad guys? And that they all traced back to their own cherished and protected vibrants and victim classes inside their own camps?

All it’d take is maybe a little make up and lipstick. I wouldn’t even need to do blackface. “Don’t you misgender me, Mr. Turdo! I am as black as Kameltoe Harris! And you WILL use my proper pronouns, or I will bend yo skinny fwench ass over a rail and ram it with my throbbing woman’s meat! You fuggin whipipo have oppressed us pore starvin black folks for too long! Sob...!!!”

HAR HAR HAR!!! Maybe that might not work... but their world will burn too. It might be something to think about in the days ahead, as our clowns today morph into tomorrow’s monsters.

What Goes Around...

 ... comes around.

Yannow I try to stay out of the abortion thing. I don’t have the answers and if I did no one would listen to me anyways. I do know that it isn’t something you turn into a hobby or a sporting event. What in hell is wrong with people? The other day the same thing happened to another activist: the story is she was always going on about how dumb the anti-mask/anti-vaccine crowd is... and when she got the jab, she turned red as a beet, bloated up and died the next day... to the applause of the crowd.

I’d Har Har Har it up, but I fear and loathe the karmic gods and demons of chance and fate - who’d kill me with chinkypox just for the laffs.