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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Another Win

 Looks like another win in the effort to put the run on the fake Chinkypox pandemic and the Karen’s and poseurs trying to enforce it.

It really is ridiculous now and everyone knows it. It really is testimony to how oppressive the nanny state  state has become. People have to riot to have a simple meal or even go to church.

I read a great comment about “all the elephants in the room”. Paraphrasing the Yank, he said that the last election was just fine - provided nobody talked about voter fraud. Biden is a great president - provided you ignore the senility and dementia problem. The diversity drives are great - provided you ignore all the vibrants living on crime and welfare. The situation on the border is fine - provided you ignore the fact that it is 9 times worse now than it was under Trump...

Things just keep going from the ridiculous to the sublime. If you get enough elephants in the room, at some point you will have to acknowledge that your leaders are either nuts or incompetent and need to be replaced.

I think ours are walking on very, very thin ice.

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