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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

As Clown World Gives Way To Hell World

 I’ve stayed out of the Chauvin case because I tend to be old fashioned about such things. I assume that the law will be enforced. I assume that the judicial travesties are the exception rather than the rule. When the Chauvin case came to light, I saw all the evidence the mass media tried to hide. I saw ALL the body cam footage. I saw the toxicology reports. I saw George Floyd treated with deference he did not deserve. In a real country the case never would have made it to court. But the system is broken now. Apparently we are sacrificing our cops to appease a growing population of stupid, violent blacks that will hate us anyways.

Conventional stubfart wisdom calls for essentially two strategies as our nations dissolve, both losers. I personally favour Option One:

  1. Loud n’ proud: don’t give one inch to Clown World; when Maxine Waters and her legions of violent, stupid negroes show up to burn down your home or business because racism - let them eat lead! When you fall from this earth, you will leave a corpse surrounded by mountains of expended brass, empty guns with their bolts locked back... and piles of your enemy’s corpses all around! Maybe it’s not Maxine and her Malodorous Monkeys. Maybe it’s the turd brained street kids and liberal arts flunkies of ANTIFA... or the militant queer social justice warriors. Does it matter which monsters are involved? Do you really want to live in any world where they run the show? I suppose, if you can handle it.... Option 2 presents itself.
  2. Go Grey: drop down below the radar. Don’t look people in the eye, don’t stand up unless you have to, don’t draw attention to yourself. Blend in. Go along to get along, and hope you survive the purges, the scorched earth, the great leaps forward, the five year plans. The names will change I suppose. Now it’s “The Great Reset” or “Building Back Better”. Ethnic cleansing goes by many noble sounding names. It’ll be a piece of cake once all the supply lines are shattered, and the world is cleansed of racists, homophobes, antisemites, and other vermin. Essentially all Option 2 is... is a deferred Option 1. The Gray option is only, at best, temporary. The clowns historically have killed millions once they get rolling. You can die well with either of these options I guess.

Hmmmmmm. I suppose both are honourable ways to deal with dishonest and dishonourable people intent on setting the world on fire too.  Going postal, going Galt, going Gray.... what about going rogue?

What if, at the next BLM peaceful protests.... dozens of buses were available to take demonstrators to visit Maxine in her neighborhood? Just want to make sure she hears the voice of her people, right? What if a couple of rogues “overheard” Justin Trudeau making anti Semitic remarks to curry favour with his moslem friends? What if women started crawling out of the woodwork to make accusations of rapes that happened 20 years ago? What if harmful rumours sprouted before they could stamp them out? What if all kinds of wedge issues sprouted like wildfire for the bad guys? And that they all traced back to their own cherished and protected vibrants and victim classes inside their own camps?

All it’d take is maybe a little make up and lipstick. I wouldn’t even need to do blackface. “Don’t you misgender me, Mr. Turdo! I am as black as Kameltoe Harris! And you WILL use my proper pronouns, or I will bend yo skinny fwench ass over a rail and ram it with my throbbing woman’s meat! You fuggin whipipo have oppressed us pore starvin black folks for too long! Sob...!!!”

HAR HAR HAR!!! Maybe that might not work... but their world will burn too. It might be something to think about in the days ahead, as our clowns today morph into tomorrow’s monsters.