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Wednesday, 14 April 2021



  1. I know it's old and not very reliable, but it still makes my stickher peck out.......

  2. Old is relative. What's old to one man is nothing more than tried and true for another.

    My brother, California Dave, has one of these sans the telescopic sight, and as a result of one day at the range, I got to shoot it.

    The action sits above your hand, and getting the thing to feed correctly requires red hot loads and holding her steady. Real steady, if you take my meaning. It wants to jump, the shooter has to keep it tied down.

    Using the wooden stock prevents the likelihood of a stove pipe jam, and doubles the range. I shot it at 50 feet with the stock in place, and even with my lousy eyesight I could really drill the center with it.

    There's a full auto version that would really be fun to shoot. Sadly, I don't have access to one.

    The pistol is reliable enough that I'd carry it. I'd prefer my .45 md 1911, but carrying the Mauser and knowing I might have to rely on it wouldn't keep me awake nights.