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Thursday, 29 April 2021

There Are Ways To Say No To These People


 Back in the Dream Times, you could walk into any restaurant, sit down to a relaxing non-political meal, and enjoy being out with friends and family. But then the scolds, the neurotics, the nannies and tattle tales took over and that was that for that. Darkness gathers about us.

The old nickel goes that if you can’t resolve your differences at the soap box, there is the ballot box. If that doesn’t work, there’s the cartridge box. We all know where we are on that one I suppose. But before we all praise the lord and pass out the ammunition... it might yet be possible to avert some of what is yet to come. I am not hopeful but it’s worth a shot.

There are rays of sunshine. Hollywood has revealed itself to infested with child molesters, pedos, rapists and homos. They’ve come out of the closet, loud and proud - and the ratings for the Oscars dropped by over 50%. Basketball black baboon, Leboon James - is getting egged for trying to gin up fake hate crimes on a cop who had to shoot that knife wielding black girl before she stabbed another girl. Coke recently tried to squeak out a mealy mouthed non-apology for accusing its white customers of being bigots. In my case they may have a point... but i don’t think it is racist to say, “If you don’t want to be called a nigger, don’t act like one.” Whadda I know.

I think my one-man crusade against Coke cost that corporation $7.99 over the last month or two. Big whoop... but they felt it when 12 million other grumpy old stubfarts quietly did the same. Multimillion dollar mistakes tend to cost people their jobs. Chances are that I will find another cola supplier sooner or later that wants to sell me pop rather than politics. They may even make a better, cheaper product too. How much stuff do we actually buy without even thinking about it? How many times have you just tossed Aunt Jemima in the grocery cart, and started looking for the next item on your shopping list? For a buck or two more... you can get superior pancake syrup that is made from authentic maple sap rather than corn starch. Is it worth it? I couldn’t tell ya - I’ve never taken the time to really think about it. Maybe I should. 

I was going to give the financial finger to Gillette for corporately accusing me of rape and spousal abuse. But my idiot wife came home with a life time supply of razor blades shortly after the scandal broke. I was livid and was going to give her a bare bum horse whipping... and she said, “They were 60% off on sale you old dick head!” Then I said, “Didjya ever stop and think about why they were so cheap, you silly old -“ I wasn’t able to finish the thought or the sentence because the fry pan came round and caught me on the side of my head. F*** cast iron, and f*** Gillette too! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!

Yannow it’s surprising how much good can actually come from this cultural war. How much time have you spent on the couch with a beer and a bowl of chips, mindlessly grazing as Leboon James tries to bounce a ball around Tyrone and Jaquarius and shove it down their hoop? You could go outside in the great spring weather, rake the yard or walk the dawg and BS with the next door neighbour. Instead of blowing $50.00 for a night at the movies, you can buy 2000 magnum rifle primers and put up ammo stocks at the loading bench. Instead of blowing a hundred bucks at the restaurant... why not buy your food and learn to cook it?

We really need to check our eye sight too: on our side of the political divide, we need to look in the mirror and see how these slovenly habits have crept up on us, and what they have done. I dunno about you - but I have some changes to make. They’re good ones too.

Maybe on their side... maybe Laboon James needs to look out in the crowd and see his fans, and not cone headed clansmen? Maybe Coke can go back to taking care of that parched, sweaty homeowner whose just spent a blazing afternoon out in the garden? One can dream I guess. But - without our attention and support and an audience ... the vast majority of those people are nothing. Without money they are less than nothing. The only weapon those guys have ... is govt.

This should be an integral part
of prepping.

I hope your Friday is fast and fun, and that there are good plans in place for the weekend. As always - thanks for stopping in.


  1. Thanks for that, Glen. Seriously. Got me all introspective an’ was the kick in my lazy ass that’s been lacking lately.