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Friday, 23 April 2021

Continuing Experiments In Russian


In Russian there is no verb “to be”.  You don’t say, “I am a hockey player.” You say, “I hockeyist”. It sounds crude to my ear, but whadda I know? All I know for sure is that the Russians can build a better rocket engine than Americans can, but I can also see how these guys end up putting ejection seats and screen doors on the capsule.

The semantic punishment continues apace...


  1. Glen, a number e thing about Russian as well is that their verb tenses are much more regular than Modern English (even Old English did a better job of it).

  2. Well I hope their profanity is better than this, HAR HAR HAR!!! :)

  3. And if anyone knows what that lower case ‘b’ is for...please let me know! I *think* it has to do with inflection or maybe silent letters...

  4. Hi Glen: That 'b' is actually a symbol that designates the preceding consonant as being "soft," i.e., there's an included 'y' sound that's pronounced almost simultaneously with the consonant.

    For example: MATb (mother) would be pronounced MATy
    Whereas MAT (something of a baser nature, IIRC) would
    be pronounced exactly as it appears.

    1. Thanks, Unk!!!

      Google translate is a bear, if you’ll pardon the pun...