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Saturday, 24 April 2021




  1. Let's see you try it, Porkyman.

    Ma’khia Bryant was a foster child. The entire fracas got started when two young ladies came over to the house to celebrate the foster mother's birthday. They asked Bryant to help clean the house, and got the expected answer - some variant of 'You ain' tell ME what ta do!'

    By the time officer Nicholas Reardon arrived the donnybrook fair was well underway. If he hadn't shot her, Bryant would have killed or badly maimed another girl.

    Bryant is not some sterling child. She's a fat 16 year old black and comes from a violent background. Case in point, Bryant was in foster care, meaning she had no parents that were willing and able to provide a home for her, and no relatives that were willing and able to provide a home for her. Hence, foster care.

    1. The vast majority of police shootings are righteous, Jack. Of the few that aren't the vast majority of those are due to incompetence or are a byproduct of the perp violently resisting arrest. The BLM stuff is based on nonsense. Everyone with a triple digit IQ knows this.

      Unfortunately the average black IQ is 80, which is close to mental retardation in whites. I am starting to suspect that someone is manipulating the blacks with the assistance of the media. When you go down that road - all kinds of crime thoughts come out when you start seeing other race based issues involved.

  2. I'd have called for a social worker to defuse the situation :)

  3. The po-po that took the taxpayer relief shot to save the other girl/girls from stabbage would have been as vilified by the media and the blm types if he HADN'T protected the potential victims. Or been slashed or stabbed himself. Or both.