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Monday, 12 April 2021

Dreams vs Reality


I don’t care what the weather does. I am loading up the camper for a quick
night or two out in the country.
Summer will get here when it gets here, and I can wait.

Patience is one virtue that comes easily to the old,
and often eludes the young.


  1. Your version of Spring and mine are completely different, friend.

  2. Looks a bit brisk out your way, Glen Livet. We're getting 63°F during the day, and 36°F at night.

    As I write this, certain major sites on the 'net are out of reach. google, facebook, and a few others are not responding. Is it just me, or has a war started?

  3. Nice camper. I really need to get one as well.

  4. "One of the pleasures of age, unknown to youth, is the pleasure of not going." I don't know who said it, but I relate more to that all the time.