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Friday, 9 April 2021

Filthie Friday Philosophy Lesson



  1. The last two especially ring true, wife having been raised in a sheltered pastor's home, said once that she could not imagine the trials I have been in my life...

    ...I told her that no matter how tough my life before her may seem, I would not change one footstep if the road led me to her.

  2. How old are you Corporal? Because I used to think the same way.... but as I get older...?

    I love my wife with all my heart. But now that I am older, I look at my family and what they’ve become... and if I could do it again, and have parted the road with them earlier AND still have my wife... there are so many things I’d have done differently.

    1. I'm 56, born smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Cleo, the day the news stopped, in fact.

      I hear you about family, trust me I hear you loud and clear. I left home at fifteen with the contents of a half full cardboard box the only possessions to my name.

      And, like you, if I could have parted with elements of her family and still kept her I would have. But that is just not possible, her family is such a part of who she is. I love her for it even though I wish it were not so.