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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Filthie Gets Triggered


Lookit this stupid old senile sonofabitch!!!
If I ever catch one a you guys with your No.1 festooned
with Walmart tactical accessories, you’ll get frowning of your bloody life!
Your sling will be premium leather, pattern M1917. Your scope will be
of the old school classical clean lines, devoid of turrets,
parallax and other faggy fripperies.
You’re shooting a man’s rifle now - act like it! Or else!!!

And...while I am ripping on marketing and PR flunkies at Ruger... would it fuggin kill ya to chamber your best rifle in a decent caliber? 475 Linbaugh? 480 Ruger? That’s what pistols are for, you friggin ass clowns! I shouldn’t have to go to Lipsey’s to get one in a decent chambering.


  1. DAMN ! I was thinking the same thing. I love the old world European guns. Spoon bolt handles and set triggers. I shot my friends Ruger #1 years ago. It was .458 Win Mag. Sweet rifle

  2. Missing laser,reflex sight and chainsaw bayonet. Also needs to be in a manly caliber like .224 Valkyrie.