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Friday, 23 April 2021



I am not naturally a tinfoil hatted conspiracy theorist, and I dunno if California is actuality trying to ban ham radio (those morons want to ban everything)... but this one makes you think. I piddled with the idea of a licence, at one time I wanted to dabble in long range crapcopters and drones. The frequencies I would need for that were all regulated and controlled and required a license. 


What’s the difference between me being on those freqs with a license or without one? 


  1. Interesting. I have not been able to find anything about the golden state wanting to ban ham radio, but they do love to regulate everything under the sun for their profit, of course.
    I have ham and cb. No certs. Pondering the what ifs with that. If you don't have the license, just be careful when you tx. You can listen to anything.

  2. I have a ticket. The theory helps you MAKE good equipment that doesn't interfere with other hams. The rules keep you from interfering with other services. The code was the secret handshake and the fellowship's rite of passage.

    No one makes their own stuff anymore. And everyone seems to be interfering with everyone now. It's society on a small scale. I haven't been very active in a while.

    I liked the physics. Talking to a guy across the earth with a light bulb by coupling electrons to a metal rod, launching them into the sky for him to somehow make sense of was so cool and amazing.

    Now, you just plop 40 bucks down at 'Zon, Get it tomorrow, charge it, squeeze the button and talk to anyone, via the internet connected to a local radio repeater. It's appliance operators now. Just another computer that no one can understand, No art, no mystique. Just another thing to buy and use. They took the work out of it, and made it...... pedestrian.

  3. I too have a license but, am not active. The only thing I have heard concerning this is Newscum wants to kick the privately owned repeaters from the radio facilities that the state owns. The privately owned repeaters take up little room or tower space.
    I'm currently behind the lines in the Peoples Republik of Kahlifonia and will keep up on this. Just waiting for the day to vote on the recall.