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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

I Don't Get It Either

 Once again, Z has a spectacular piece up. The old adage about political shenanigans is to follow the money, and you will soon have the "who, what, where, when, why and how" of it. The hell of it is - there doesn't seem to be any payoff or grift for supposed conservative politicians coming out in favour of trannies and queers. I am stumped too. There are those putting forth theories of elaborate conspiracies involving jews, capitalist oligarchs, shadow cabals and who knows what else. But they don't hold water; a conspiracy of this magnitude would require competence, payoffs, and favours that just aren't in this particular can of worms or the idiots that opened it. Surely, guaranteeing the rights of sexually and mentally disturbed lunatics is not the will of the people? Or is it?

Yannow, this is just my family, but... when my daughter came out of the closet, it was a big deal for her. She was the centre of attention, the eyes of the family were all on her, and maybe she loved it? Ours were very liberal families, especially the women. Only my dad and my father in law could be considered anywhere close to 'conservative'. My father in law would best be described as a CINO - the Canadian equivalent of a RINO. When women talked politics, he'd always take to the mower, of put on the tool belt and disappear. The politics of our women could make you crazy and Pop knew it. There are far better things to do with your time. So when my daughter came out of the closet - the families fell at her feet to acknowledge and celebrate her new sexuality. My daughter told me I would have to change the way I thought or spoke, and that she and her love partner would leave. The other women in the family fell in step and told me that the family was going to live under the rainbow and that was final, I could get in the game or get out. Shitlib politics empower women, queers, and now trannies and other degenerates. It comes at the cost of the men, and most of them wanted to abdicate their leadership roles as my father did. In the case of my father in law - he was a cuck and would do anything his wife told him to. It created a lot of stifled fury and resentment in him that slowly started to escape as he got older and older. But he toed the line his wife set for him.

Could it be that those Repub politicos, in caving to degenerates - are enacting the will of the people? I ask because when we were banished from The Hive, we fell in with people that think much like ourselves. At church the people have their problems with the modern world but they don't cave in to them. Neither do most of the folks stopping by here either. I fear that I may dwell in a small chamber or bubble. Outside of that bubble... there are a LOT of shitlibs. They police their family members too, and any cuckservatives/RINOS/CINOS will bow down to them - or else. Homosexuality and other sexual perversions in such a morally inverted environment - offered my daughter and her homely girlfriend power. Is that possibly what's going on here? The new power brokers are the pervs and their enablers? Could it be that the majority of us now endorse and even embrace perversion and immorality? If so - could your last election have been legit?

All I know is that in my family, I was the only one to stand up to my kid and flat out tell her that she was being a degenerate, and I fully intended to treat her like one and wouldn't be taking any of her politically correct shit. But even here, there are oddities. When my daughter flounced off in a snit she cut us off completely. I get that, we don't see eye to eye. But she cut off the rest of the family too - and they were fully on her side and backed the rainbow agenda. They got cut off too. None of this was one sided - to be honest, when my elderly mother started trying to rub my nose in her rainbow I walked away too, I suppose.

As I sit on the sidelines watching the antics of Clown World... it's pretty much clear to me that our Maker has checked out of North America and maybe I should just do the same. 

We are burning daylight, men. Let us be off to our chores - stay caught up, and keep your preps topped up. We are in for one hell of a ride and a spectacular slapstick comedy if things keep going like this.


  1. no, the rino's are just cucking under to try to stay in office and keep the graft going now that the dims are the sheriff. they know there will be a limited number of republican token slots available under the new regime and they want their place at the trough.

  2. As a well-educated acquaintance of mine said, "no society ever survives being wealthy".

    Once people needn't worry about having enough food, water, and shelter, the behaviors and underlying mentalities that would result in a lower chance of survival and reproduction proliferate. At least, they do until they collapse the system and there's a hell of reset. It's an enduring human pattern that takes place over generations, so most people don't think about, as if it's not happening within a week of the present, it's not worth worrying about (for those capable of that).

  3. I think you have the right of it fellas. I have heard it said that people get the gov'ts they want and deserve... and I don't think I agree with it...

  4. "Homosexuality and other sexual perversions in such a morally inverted environment - offered my daughter and her homely girlfriend power. Is that possibly what's going on here? The new power brokers are the pervs and their enablers?"

    Have you come across the idea of bioleninism. It's a twenty dollar word that describes exactly this. The freaks and dysfunctionals who couldn't hack it in the real work get into organizations and following that put them in charge of things. Thing women working in government jobs.

    There's a good discussion of it here:

    Explains a lot.