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Saturday, 24 April 2021

I Have Been Compromised


Dammit. Those scum suckin’ commie sonsabitches hacked my blog! I’m burned!!! Next thing ya know, they’ll make Joe Biden’s milk curdle, and Hillary Clinton’s cigar will fall in her Frootloops... and we’ll be at DEFCON 1!!! Don’t panic Filthie! DON’T FUGGIN PANIC!!!!

Pete - ya gotta take care of that shipment of Russian wives I got coming in. DON’T let Quartermain near ‘em. Or Jack! They will need lots of food - vodka and koobasaw should do it...

M! Get word out to General Aesop! Not only is he in charge of the second American civil war...he now has WW3 on his plate!!!

Dammit... they have me surrounded!!! All I can do now is rig the Thunderbox to blow, and take as many of them with me as I can! Hey Ivan!!! Come get me, you cabbage eatin’ beet fartin’ sonofabitch!!!

Errrrrmmm... the rest a ya’s... have a great Saturday!

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