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Monday, 26 April 2021


I simply have to monetize the blog and maybe learn to grift on There are simply some things in life that are more important than personal pride and self respect. If anyone could gibs me some money or crypto... I would appreciate it.

Have a great Monday all!



  1. We homeschooled our kids in the 80's and lived with a constant fear of the knock on the door. It happened to one family in our town. It was traumatic for the children but I hear the family won the lawsuit that followed.

    I have never been one to get into Revelation and the end times but it sure seems like we are getting close to have the mark required to buy and sell.

    Stay Filthie

    Grace and peace

  2. I have a ton of swarf you can heat and pound into metal if'n you want it. I'll quote a shipping price when your check clears....

  3. Looks like a Airborne Sheridan tank, that is awesome