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Monday, 12 April 2021

Judging Books By Their Covers

 I ask this as a guy that lives under a rock in the forest.  Where do they find people like this?

Apparently that is a fella is Dave Chipman, and the guy that
the Donks figure should be in charge of the ATF.
One of the wanks on Gab wonders what the deal is with this guy -
saying he looks like both a flaming faggot and a psycho.
I agree.
Where do they get these guys from?

Well. Isn't that special? Arresting people BEFORE they
commit any crimes.
These are the kind of people that want to disarm you.

The second civil war can't start soon enough....


  1. Wait a minute. The did commit a crime. They lied on their form 4473. A federal crime with federal penalties. The problem is these people are almost never prosecuted. Take Hunter Biden for example.

  2. I guessed a faggot Mormon. They ain't American, their Mormon.

  3. Hunter may have lied on the 4473, but he didn't fail his background check.

  4. Chipman was also reportedly at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

  5. OK, david chipman, here’s a question for you: who hurt your feelings and why are you such a flaming fairy?

  6. My question?

    "Hey Dave. You evah suck a dick you didn't like?"