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Sunday, 18 April 2021


Just as everything wrong with America can be found in Washington DC, California, and Massivetwoshits... in Canada the bulk of our faggotry, lunacy and mental illness resides in provinces like Queerbec and Morontario. BC may seem like a haven for similar nutters - but one good nuke to Hongcouver would clean the province right up.

The other day the cuckservatives in Morontario decided to lock down again for chinkypox. This was to be the mother of all lockdowns too - the Mounties were being charged with its enforceMINT... they would be expected to stop you in your car, see your papers, and if your excuse for being out and about wasn’t good enough... they’d run you in for punishMINT. Sadly... this is what passes for conservative govt these days.

The bulk of Morontario police departments came back yesterday with their official response: shove your idiotic lockdown up your ass - YOU enforce it. 

There may be hope for us yet.

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