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Monday, 26 April 2021

More Fun With Chinkypox F***tards

While back, a fwench priest down in Calgary was getting hassled by The Chinkypox Gang and he literally ran them out of his church. It was a treat to behold. An idiot Karen in a mask, flanked by a squad of city cops in riot gear burst in on their Easter service - and he single handedly ran that bitch and her squaddies off. She’d start to run her mouth, he’d tell her to shut it and go see his lawyer... and the poor cops shuffled their feet, looked sheepish and wished they were somewhere else.

I’d heard they sent a SWAT team and rounded him up but apparently it was fake news. He’s now going viral with another chit show that ran exactly the same way the last one did. The COVID cankle and the squaddies showed up, he told her to put a sock in it or run her mouth at the lawyers...and everyone left once they realized Karen wasn’t going to be heard or lecture anyone. I don’t get it: the priest in Calgary gets a pass. The one up here in Edmonton got thrown into solitary and they threw up a chain link fence around the church. I used to respect the law enforcement community and defend them when people slagged them... but not anymore. They aren’t protecting people anymore, they’re harassing them. I also don’t get the COVID Karen’s. The stupid bitch had to run her mouth at the priest. The conversation should have ended the second the priest told her to go see the lawyer. But she had to lecture, she had to try to intimidate the guy, and he had to submit to her. When she finally stormed off in a rage, the cops shuffled after her - clearly embarrassed. We are opening a really nasty can of worms, folks. 

On a blog far away from here - I think it was a big one for grey hairs and retirees, the guy proposed a grand idea - stimulus checks should be tied to the vaccine. You don’t get the jab, you don’t get the cash. All the other seniors quickly agreed that it was an ingenious way to force people into compliance - it was the only way to end this horrible plague!! It’s really funny how cowardly some people get when they are into their later years and get around in Velcro shoes and have to wear diapers. I was tempted to crap in the comments... but there’d be no point. They listen to the mainstream media and daytime TV, they know everything so they are obviously right!

The wanks on Blab are having a field day. Apparently some fag on Twatter died after getting the jab - and he had previously been all over it with insults and rude jokes about people reluctant to take the shot. Karma’s a bitch I guess. Another young mom got the jab and was breast feeding her baby - and the tyke died as a result. Who knows, I’m sure there is as much fake news on my side of this as there is on theirs. Around here they have enough vaccine, everyone that wants the jab has taken it... and there’s a huge majority of people that still haven’t taken it. I suspect that soon the media will just lie as it always does, and in a week or two we’ll hear that those people all magically changed their minds and came in for their shots. The geriatric seniors and neurotics will heave a sigh of relief... and the hunt will be on for a new bogeyman and people to hate. It’s all so tiresome.

But whadda I know.


  1. yeah the tard in the gov's mansion says over 25% have got the jab. i call b.s. they have so many extra doses left they're literally begging folks to come n get it. in the northern corner where half the population and all most of the chinkypox tards live i guess that 25% could be accurate.

  2. This is not the first person to come down with this condition from the so called vaccine
    No thanks.. I'll pass