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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Signs Of Life


The temps are finally coming up. Today was shirtsleeve weather, and most of the snow is gone. I shoot the bow and pointy sticks outdoors pretty much every day now. I lost about two months when the indoor club was shut down for chinkypox. My arm and shoulders are on fire. 

It’s not hunting season, but it didn’t stop me. I did a slow woods walk today, stalking and listening. In my youth I could hear a grouse fart at 200 yards, and game animals gave themselves away when they moved. If I can get within 20 yards of a bird, deer or elk - I am pretty much calling it a confirmed kill even without firing the actual shot. It’s good practice for fall, and Lord... it felt so good to be on the trails again, even if it was a simulated “hunt”. If I am fast I may luck out and get a pic.

It’s awfully dry in the back 40. The River McGroin (named after my arch enemy, Aenus McGroin) - is down to a slow trickle. Last year it was a torrent, and a guy could get a soaker if he didn’t watch his step. 

I have a bad back, I’m deaf and blind and stupid - and still managed to have a wonderful day. When I got home to do chores... I saw a few patches of green in the lawn.

Spring is coming.


  1. Thank you for sharing your outdoors.

    I need to get outside.

    Cool looking bow!

  2. Woodstime is a many splendid thing. Thank your lucky stars you have nearby access to it. When I have the opportunity to visit the woods, it is almost like church. So many little miracles and if a person sits down and just becomes a temporary stump, enjoys it.

    It is too bad we only learn this when we become old and HAVE to take it easy and rest.

  3. There is a lot to be learned out there, and there is no better place to think and blow the dust off the brain...

  4. Ok... I got woods envy. Still 3 feet of snow here in the Frozen Freakin’ North and the weatherguessers are hollering -31 Frankenstein for tomorrow night. Wasn’t that chilly in January ffs..... At this rate, I may get into the North 40 right about opening day of moose season in Sept.