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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

The Filthie Gourmet: Chicken

Well it's kinda a grey day today. Saw a few snow flakes but I *think* winter is pretty much done with us. The only snow I am seeing now is in some of the shadier places where they stacked it up during the winter - and all that is pretty close to gone. With nothing pressing, I decided to have another go at chicken. The wife had $14.00 of chicken in the fridge so I decided to fire up the sportsman's novelty grille I got from Cabela a couple years ago.

I suppose I coulda done it all with some deadfall I stole from the archery club out in the sticks. I suppose I didn't steal it; the club president said I could have all the deadfall or standing dead wood that I want... but I felt like a thief when I was taking it for some reason, HAR HAR HAR!!! Maybe it's because if I got caught by one of the club executive stubfarts, I would have gotten the third degree. Those guys don't let anything go. The little colonial belt axe did the honours with some of the bigger stuff I split to get a nice bed of coals going.

It's not the usual cheap pot metal hibachis you get from PakieMart or Ukranian Tire - this one is cast metal but I wonder if burning wood in it isn't a little too hot for it? I will find out I suppose. Lunch today is a chicken marinade: ya put the chicken in with Soya Sauce, honey, and sweet chili sauce. You are suppose to let it ferment for half an hour but I let it go for a couple as I had to take the dawgs out on patrol.

I didn't have any liquid honey, all I had was that hard crap. I scooped out a couple table spoons and nuked it to soften it up - and you really gotta watch it - in less than a minute it was bubbling and boiling and made a helluva mess.


All ya do is heat up the cast iron fry pan and dunk the whole works in.

Yes I could have done all this on the stove... but I figured if I had a run away boil over or something, it would be better off having it outside... and I just needed something to do today.

Hmppfpfpfpfpfffff. Not bad. It's no screaming hell either... we'll call this one a win, because nothing burned or boiled over or broke! I am going to pig out... and maybe leave a few scraps for the wife when she gets home from work tonight. 


  1. I ran across one of those habaci's at St.vinnies snagged it for 13.00 bucks heck of a deal i grill on it all the time , she is getting kind of thin now but who knows how long its been around.

  2. An ear of corn or two, some broccoli, and a side salad. Marinate a decent portion of sliced portobello mushrooms in Garlic Expressions, and you have a real feast.

    Now I'm hungry.

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  4. That looks rather tasty sir. Well done.

    Have you tried eating barley ? I'm borderline diabetic, and my doctor told me to cut back on rice (hard for me as I'm hispanic). Barley is a healthier option and pretty much duplicates same fuction of rice. 1 : 3 ratio (1 cup barley : 3 cups water). It takes about twice as long to cook so gives more time for other food prep.

  5. Beer can chicken can't be beat.
    Take a whole fryer or roaster chicken, drink half a can of beer, and stuff the half full can inside a chicken.
    Put it on the gas grill, using the legs to hold it upright, set one burner under the chicken to incinerate, and cook that baby about an hour. 500 degrees if you can get it.
    You might have to use a second burner to get it that high.
    If the neck is removed, use the giblets to plug the hole to keep the steam in.
    I usually put three cloves of garlic on top of the can.
    If the outside of the chicken starts burning, cover it with foil.