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Thursday, 8 April 2021

The Filthie Gourmet

 Well I am just on pins n’ needles waiting to see what Victor Quartermain has cooked up for us today! Looks like we are having a blogtard cook-off - and it’s down the best Special Ed kids! Tonight is Quartermain’s night to shine!!! Well, Quartz? Whadda ya got for us? I am prepared to be flabbergasted by culinary talent!!!

Hurk! Hurk! Hurk!

Oh my friggin gawd... I dunno what’s worse! Thinkin’ of eatin’ it? Or watching somebody else actually doing it! Jack!!! NO!!!


Ughhhh! Ulp...GAH! Those Texans can eat stuff that’d gag a nanny goat! And they’ll LIKE it too! They must have evolved from the British or the Scots... or one of the other lower order primates or hominids further down the evolutionary chain...

Once your stomach settles down and the queasiness passes... perhaps we can give it another go? The men with the pot are here to save the day!

Yannow I think I can make this. Over a fire to boot! I’m resolving to try this within the next 10 days! Wish me luck everyone!

Unless of course... you like Retard Pickled Mars Bars? HAR HAR...ulp...har.....🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

I’ll letchya know how it turns out! 😊👍


  1. The food looks tasty. But Almazan Kitchen, which this guy seems to try to copy, is muy much better. IMO

  2. Usually I don't care for 'how to' videos, but this guy really does it up right. The skill set needed to accomplish all this takes experience, and I'm betting that the cutlery he used isn't exactly inexpensive.

    Still, this is a good video. Thanks!

  3. You betcha Jack.

    And Jim - I will stop by and check it out!!!

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