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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

The Filthie SJW


I’d like to go on record to say that I have never discriminated in this way in my entire life. I’ve seen fags like Pete and Quartermain get huffy and snooty at the burger joint when they see a bit of mold on the bun or the patties are tinged with green. They’re bigoted pigs, and they should be ASHAMED of themselves. 

I’d say something, but when it happens, they step on my foot and my mouth opens up... and they scrape the plate off into my gullet. It’s a humiliating symbiotic relationship that just makes me hate white men even more! HAR HAR HAR!!! 😂👍

I suppose there is a bit of truth to the wahmen that claim all women are beautiful. Back in the oil boom, the rig pigs used to have what they called “pig parties”. They’d go out drinking, helling and whoring and the winner was the fella that found (and bedded) the ugliest skank they could find. I wonder what that game would look like today, what with 72 genders and pink haired land whales with asses that are two axe handles wide...? Perhaps it would be safer for the Pigs to play the game with zoo and farm animals? In today’s gender fluid sexual marketplace... the rig pig could get the worst of it!!!

I don’t judge anyone here. 😇


  1. I got one word for this whole spiel.


  2. We had those "pig parties" in the USN 70's submarine force. I never "WON" though........

  3. Maybe it's just my sick sense of humor, but re-reading this post a day later I'm still laughing. A masterful piece of prose styling Glen. So much snark in so few words is worthy of Mark Twain.