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Friday, 23 April 2021

The Filthie Stacker

 Back when Barkie Obutthole got hold of the his nation's credit cards and started flashing money round like an inner city Detroit pimp - I thought the USA was done. And - if our largest trading partner went gurgling down the crapper... Canada wouldn't be far behind. My retirement investments were okay for the moment - but I moved them into more stable 'bomb proof' investments that didn't pay a lot of interest. I was buying a couple hundred bucks a month of physical silver.

I started buying at around $20.00/oz Canukistani... and I gotta admit that I felt kinda foolish as America survived Obama... and the price of silver dropped to around $17.00/oz. But by then I figured I better hoard cash too. When I invest I do it for the long term. You don't get excited when the prices go down a bit, and ya don't get excited when they jump a bit either... but... holy chit.

I'm not sure I would be buying silver right now...

Silver Price in Canadian Dollars

Apr 23, 2021 11:20 NY Time



-0.24 (-0.75%) 



Silver Spot PriceSilver Price TodayChange
Silver price per ounce32.41-0.24
Silver price per gram1.04-0.01
Silver price per kilo1,041.85-7.85
Silver price in pennyweight1.62-0.01
Silver price in tola12.15-0.09
Silver price in tael (HK)39.38-0.30


  1. Dollar price means nothing.
    Silver and gold will ALWAYS be money, so you need to think in terms of what you can trade silver for outside of fiat currency. That tells you it's real value.

  2. Silver and gold have intrinsic value. It will always have value as a means of exchange. For the record, I did the same thing, Glen. I didn't feel foolish, the country having survived Obama, because it really didn't. Look at the near constant chimp-outs going on since he was in office. Obama built this... Obama was only the beginning. People are going to be left shooting their way out of something they voted themselves into...

  3. Yep, if I ever spend that silver... it’s because my life depends on it. And I agree with you Pete. In fact, I won’t be surprised if some very stupid people start a race war at the rate they’re going...

  4. Start a race war, Glen? That was long ago. Eventually, maybe, we'll nut up and finish it.

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