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Sunday, 25 April 2021

The punditry has been making great sport of the Chauvin/Floyd legal fiasco. I guess they set up a shrine for him where people of colour can go to grieve and white people can too, but only if they aren’t too white about it. I laughed when they started calling him St. Floyd... but....

There’s miracles a-happening at the Floyd shrine!

The gory details are all over at American Digest. Almost as good as the article is the first comment on it by a crime thinker calling himself ‘Ghostsniper’: 

“Think I have surpassed my “Insanity Input Maximum Limit” and will turn this box of shit off.
It’s far, far better out here in reality land.
Doncha think?”

HAR HAR HAR!!! That’s the comment of the week right there!  I’ve certainly thunk such thoughts myself.

Lots of folks are thinking likewise. Patrice seems to be of that mindset. She’s just a little bit more graceful about it. 😊👍

 I shouldn’t run my gob. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed... but... I dunno folks. I’d love to spend my days out in the shop or barn, or out in the back grillin’ and chillin’. But every day, the evil out there grows, and becomes more and more aggressive. I know that I am right about that much. Idiots bargain with lunatics about which freedoms we get to keep.

I just don’t know what can be done about it. What CAN ya do? Stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening?

I’m going to keep this box of shit on, I think. We really need to keep our eyes open right now.


  1. The heart of the matter is, what can you/we actually do to change it, and what are you/we willing to do? There's a huge spectrum there, probably best displayed with one of those box-shaped diagrams divided into four quadrants, with the end of one divider being "fully engaged in action" and the other end being "completely withdrawn"; the other divider being "peaceful means" to "violent means". Small, dedicated groups using leverage (media, wealth, political processes) can drive large changes. So can individuals, but far too often the result is the opposite of what was desired (think shooting Lincoln to benefit the South - it made things worse). I try to make changes in the areas I have immediate influence or control over - beyond that, it's probably wasted effort. And avoid doing things that might solve an issue in the short term, but end up as leverage for those on the evil side (and leftism is evil, as far as I can see). Last, know where one's final lines are when it comes time to make a choice on submit or possibly/probably die for not submitting. Few of us truly know where that is until it happens. Thanks to the Army and a few personal encounters over time, I have some idea of what I'm capable of and where my limits are, and that's tempered by what I'm willing to put up with for myself and those I love. Unless a person is willing to basically go full commitment to a political career or a revolutionary, the most practical is path is being an example for others in ethical practices, honesty, and kindness while having high expectations for the behavior and ethics of others. Which is hard to do, most people being less than perfect, and many simply lacking the intelligence and instruction in living a better life.

  2. A pundit much smarter than I coined the phrase "Regression to the African mean". We are witnessing it in real time, Fil.