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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

 Further to my new found hobby of Extreme Cheapness, I decided on an experiment where I will anneal my brass on every third reload. Typically I get 6 or 8 reloads out of a brass case and then pitch them. Supposedly the annealing can stretch case life out to around 25 reloading cycles. I am sceptical... often the primer pockets get loose and that is why I pitch them. We’ll see. I am doing it with my BPCR rifles and am easily over ten reloads... but they are very low intensity guns. The 243 is not really a high intensity round, but the pressures aren’t low either.

King Peter is furious with me. He decreed that I should bump the shoulder of the case back a few thousandths of an inch on every reload,  and begin chasing the lands for my bullet seating depth. All the cool kids and F Class sooper snipers are doing it dontchya know!

I am already getting a half MOA out of the gun; another tenth or 1/100 of an inch of accuracy would be nice, I suppose... but that means more bench time, more reloading bench time, more obsessing and fiddling and tweaking... and I am not up to it. It’s time to sling up, shoot from the positions and start pushing myself rather than the gun. Back 20 years ago, the cool kids refused to bump shoulders on their brass, and neck sized them only. They were concerned about seating depths relative to the lands, but they didn’t obsess with it like reloaders do today.

The world is filled with guys like King Peter; they have all kinds of great advice for you but can’t shoot a sub-MOA group themselves to save their lives. On the last trip out, I ate my Wheaties and shoved four horse shoes up my arse - and fluked a 2” group in the centre of the bull at 200m from the sitting position.

I seriously thought about shoving it under Peter’s nose to shut him up... but I kinda enjoy the noise. He means well and is a good chit.


  1. Did you use iron sights?

    200m is over 200 yards, which is farther than I can see without a 'scope. Now, a two inch group at 200m while using a 'scope from a sitting position is very likely better than I can do - but you add iron sights to that bit of braggadocio and you won't have to say anything to anyone out at the range - ever.

    Just sayin'.

  2. It was a fluke and no bones about it WL. Mine wears a 4x16 scope and even then, the group I shot was probably well beyond a seasoned competitive shooter. If you shoot enough you will fluke these off from time to time. You don’t brag about them because that’s all they are - flukes, like a hole in one. I basically shot 3 fliers that made me look far better than I actually am, HAR HAR HAR!

    You remain our designated marksman on safari, WL. 😆👍