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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Today's Misogyny ...


When I was a kid, the womenfolk absolutely LIVED on the telephone. Mom would get a pot of coffee going, pull in an ashtray, and just chatter away with the other hens. And lord - they talked fast! Remember those old dial up modems? I think mom and the hens had a baud rate orders of magnitude above the fastest ones. It was not a case of "Blah blah blah" with them... it was more like, "Blablablablablablablablablablablablablablab!!!!" I don't think they'd stop to breathe or one of the other hens would take over and shut them out!

One of the idiot bloggers had me HAR HAR HARing when he proposed the idea of bringing back that medieval torture device for gossipy women - it was a metal mask/helmet thing that covered their mouths and clamped their lips and tongue so they couldn't speak! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! Ya gotta admit, the idea has merit. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Justin Turdo are a couple a bitches that could benefit from such a device...

Nowadays though, not so much. I suppose they are all facebooking and twittering now. It's odd, isn't it. Some sounds like the cattle and the chickens - I miss terribly. The cackling of the womenfolk was therapeutic too - provided ya didn't listen to closely, HAR HAR HAR!!!


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