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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Using The Tools


I was on Blab the other day (always a mistake, the tards over there haven’t been raised right and they are a bad influence on me) - were talking about a mass firing of a morning radio crew. One a the wanks on the show told a joke: “I like my women women like I like my coffee! Not to dark, not too light.... like a Halle Berry mocha...”. The radio station manageMINT had a bird, and fired the entire crew for - WAIT FOR IT.....


HAR! Obviously the joke was meant to offend wahmen, negroes, bed wetters and retards. They fired the prankster AND a couple of his cohosts. They figured they must a been “proximity racists” and they had to go too! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ HAR HAR HAR! Those politically correct mass media slobs are eating their own! Excellent!

Sadly, that is what I do on the net these days. I spend my time looking for rude jokes, marvelling at the stupidity of my fellow man, and getting pished off at him when I get hit by a piece of dung that he’s throwing at the world. It really is amazing and I’ve noticed it before, as have others: we have the sum knowledge of all mankind in our pockets and notepads. And we use it to get in stupid fights with strangers and watch dumb cat videos. I am no whiz kid... but I am not a total retard either. I started thinking that maybe I can use the most valuable tool ever made by mankind for something better. Unemployment is rotting my mind.

I’m kicking around the idea of learning another language, just for the hell of it. Which one, though? 

Fwench is out, we have those cack suckers here in Canada and fwench is the language of cowards, assholes and morons. German? They’re just like fwenchmen except more dangerous. Dead languages like Latin or Gaelic are out... I may be obsolete but not that obsolete... None of the more obscure tongues appeal either. The oriental languages don’t appeal; they are inefficient and cumbersome.... Yannow, I could never be charged with racism myself; I hate everyone equally. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Russian? Hmmmmmmmmmmm... the Cyrillic alphabet has 33 letters. The Russkies are currently a relevant world power. Yes, they are scum sucking commie bastids... but for all that... I like the way they handle shithead trouble makers. Political protestors get billy clubbed and kicked into paddy wagons and hauled away. Putin and his gang may be gangsters, but he isn’t a clown like Justin Turdo, or a faggot like Obama, or a geriatric vegetable like Joe Biden. You really have to question the intellect of people that elect and tolerate such “leaders”. It wouldn’t violate my rights one iota if those rioting black baboons of BLM got shot or clapped in irons. Do the same to the white street kids and university student turd brains of ANTIFA if you are worried about charges of racism. Discrimination against stupid, violent people is legal as church on Sunday, liberals be damned. We could learn a thing or two from the Russians.

Can you learn a foreign language off the internet? Perhaps get a better understanding of the people and their culture? There’s a bunch of vids on OyTube about it... so maybe I can start there? It might be a good way to keep the mind working, constructive and healthy in these days of lunacy and hysteria.


  1. Sign language? Morse code? Get amateur radio license- have to learn for that and you get a SHTF skill.

    1. That is a darn fine idea - I will put a pin in that one! Thanks, Doc!

  2. I was going to suggest Spanish, as Spanish speaking refugees are going to outnumber French speaking Natives in Quebec should the U.S. ever get a Republican president in the White House again.


    Doc J (see above) is right. I've been pondering an amateur radio license and the necessary hardware for some time now. You don't have to learn International Code (AKA Morse), but you have a great advantage if you do. Moreover, you can do any kind of communication you want - including teletype.

  3. And, while I'm at it...

    ...but I am not a total retard either.
    The jury's still out on this one.

    I like the way they [Russian law enforcement] handle shithead trouble makers. Political protestors get billy clubbed and kicked into paddy wagons and hauled away.

    If they're lucky, that is. A few escape capture, but if you're caught you'll get incarcerated in a prison that was designed and built by people who truly believe that human rights are a degenerate perversion invented by the devil worshiping West and are a foolish waste of time and material. Just incarceration in a Russian prison would be enough to straighten out any and possibly all U.S. protestors. These are people who would put a collar and a leash on the toughest Antifa scum and turn them into house pets.

    While I support our Constitution, I have never supported violent rioting and destruction of property. I also believe that if people were allowed to defend their own property, there would be a good deal less violence in political demonstrations.

    1. If you want to reduce violent gun crime by 70%, all you would have to do is make it illegal for coloured people (blacks) to own firearms. They are the ones committing the vast majority violent crime.

      I have seen modern Russkies in action and I dunno about the horror stories. Remember that rock band - Pussy Riot? The harpies were out there protesting the patriarchy at the winter games, and the cops asked them to disperse. They refused. The cops ordered them to disperse, and they got slappy and started shreiking. The cops just calmly and deliberately slapped them into silence, loaded them up and carted them away. They spent time behind bars - but protesting is no fun if you have to pay for your 15 minutes of fame with a big fine and 30 days in the can. Our "protestors" seriously need to be dealt with.

    2. The logic behind regulatory laws is faulty, as it relies on voluntary compliance. The number of violent crimes committed by blacks versus whites is about three to one in Columbus, OH; for each violent crime committed by a white, three violent crimes are committed by a black.

      If you believe the FBI statistics, anyway. These are just the crimes we know about; real numbers are likely higher.

      Pussy Riot justifiably got the crap slapped out of them, and three of the group did two years in a Russian prison for acting like assholes in public. Others had shorter sentences.

      The only thing that has (so far) worked with the black population is to switch them to a different environment when they're young. They pick up the habits and mannerisms of the locals, which include not being the center of attention all the time and not treating people badly. The bad news is that it doesn't work for all of them, and it can only be done with a few.

      Meantime, I keep my shotgun loaded.

  4. Russian is fairly easy if you are a logical person with a really good memory. Most Russian verbs are irregular. (There are, to the best of my recollection, 27 different types of "regular" verb.)

    DuoLingo is actually pretty decent at teaching languages. Just grit your teeth at all the progressive nonsense going on in the background.

  5. I, too like my women the same as I like my coffee. Unfortunately the one I got is more the way I like my beer. Cold and bitter. Just kidding, she's a real sweetie......