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Saturday, 10 April 2021

What We Have Lost


When I look around the planet I currently inhabit and compare it to the one I came from, I miss the big things like safe neighborhoods, stable families, grandparents, etc. But sometimes it’s the little things like being able to have a rod and a .22 in the window of your truck, drive in theatres, and mom & pop shops that hit hardest.

But then came the seatbelt laws, the smoking restrictions, the computers, the lunatics and perverts, and all these exotic weirdos from over the rainbow... and it was gone. How was all that... replaced by this...?


  1. In 1999 I was working on the Y2K crises in Pierre, SD. A new film came to the movie theater (there's only one), so my southern buddy Grover and I decided to take it in. We're standing in line, and a group of teens are in front of us. The cashier looks at one of the kids...

    "Bobby, this movie is rated 'R'. Do you have a note from your mother to see this?"

    Bobby produced a note, which was accepted, unfolded, and glanced at in a perfunctory manner.

    "Bobby, did your mother write this?"


    "Let's just call her and ask, shall we?"

    "Okay, wait a sec..."

    "Bobby, your mother doesn't let you watch 'R' rated movies. You know that. Now you go watch something else."

    Bobby quietly and politely got in line for an alternate film.

    That's just one example of life in Pierre, SD.

  2. Glen, sadly everyone used to be able to conduct themselves like adults. Now, not so much.

  3. Way back in the day, my Dad would drop me and my friend off about 5 miles from school. We would hunt walking the dirt road in. The school lunch lady would clean whatever we shot (dove or quail or cottontail rabbits (and one time two rattlesnakes) and cook them up for our lunch. We kept our rifles (.22 or single shot 16ga) in the cloak closet at the back of the classroom. Then we would hunt back home (ride the school bus until we were about 3 miles from home). We lived about 25 miles to town. The day before deer season started the teachers would give us enough homework to make up for missing school that day. Now days if a kid eats a pop tart wrong they piss themselves. Now I would not let my kids do what I did. Most wetbacks are just good people trying to feed their families. But the drug mules, coyotes and Central American illegals are just dangerous, and too widespread. Hell, I would do what I did back in the day, and I can be just as dangerous, and likely meaner.

  4. Ya know fellas... the hell of it is that this isn’t over. They are going there. They are not going to stop. They will take everything we have and piss it away. Then they will want more...