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Monday, 12 April 2021

When Ya Know You’re Gonna Die...


100 years ago my daughter picked out the World’s Best Cat. Joe was just your average grey striped house cat, and he’s been gone since forever... and I still miss him. When he was going to kill someone (usually me) his pupils would dilate like that. Then he’d freeze up like a stone... and then the hell of 100 angry Moulinexes would be unleashed. If he wasn’t after me he was after our other cat... and the house would shake with their wrestling and body slams.  Back in the Before Times, for us - Valhalla existed here on earth.


  1. Ha!

    I had Danté for 17 years. When we were in Florida, I had a one room apartment in a nice, undiscovered area, and the apartment had a murphy bed. Me being tall, my feet would hang over the edge of the bed. That was okay at night, but in the morning - ever have your bare feet attacked before you're awake?

  2. Had a runt cat that did that. When his eyes did that, you had about 2 seconds to bonk him between the eyes and reset his pea-brain before he just went all spaz attack.

    Funny watching the big polydactyl just put one paw on Simple Simon's forehead and hold him off, just like you see in the cartoons. Simon would be flailing and hissing and acting like the total spaz and Sasquatch would just have this "Why me?" look on his face.

  3. Hot August night, asleep with the windows open, one cat peacefully snoozing on the bed. The other cat came in the window around 3:00am with a mouse and proceeded to have a catfight over the trophy on top of me. All I know is that I grabbed fur and flung both of them out the window, and then found the semi-shredded prize.