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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

A Rambling: Chinks On Mars


Well there it is. It is pretty much a carbon copy of the US Mars Mission - or at least the sky crane portion of it is. Their rover appears to be a rip off of the American counterparts. Nothing surprising there. The clippers can copy and emulate, but their cultural mindset still punishes and discourages the innovators and the 'out of the box' thinkers.

My first political argument with Mom was when I was six or seven - and I was hopping mad and  spitting nails because those fuggin Americans had just mothballed the Apollo program. Were they friggin nuts?!?! Mom said that the program cost millions of dollars that would better be spent here on  earth. At the time, this monkey on the bongos was putting the debate to poetry, rhythm and rhyme: 

"So you cancel the space program so this monkey on the bongos can pay his bills?" I said incredulously. I wasn't a racist in those days, jokes abounded about monkeys on the bongos regardless of their colour. It was a thing at the time too... I had friends with bongos. But mom was aware of the racial overtones and told me to stop talking like that. "Why is it that he can't pay his bills but you can, then?" I asked. Mom explained that those shitty Americans treated their blacks like dirt - and flounced off in a huff, grumbling that I would understand when I was older.  Pop, I knew, would explain it right as he usually did. "Don't argue with your mother," he said in that special tone that meant, "I don't get it either, but it's not worth fighting about..." 

And of course today, every time ya turn around the blacks are chimping out and looting, burning and assaulting people because RACISM!!!! How many billions have been flushed down those guys in 50 years? NASA is a friggin joke compared to their glory days, the Chinks will have space based commercial commerce going whilst I struggle to pay my bills...and blacks still live in poverty and squalor despite the billions doled out to them. I heard that the big universities and colleges are starting to dispense with advanced mathematics and STEM courses because blacks can't compete in them and that's because everyone is racist.

You can only blame the blacks up to a point. We cave in to shitty liberal women and their soys when we shouldn't. But now...maybe some things ARE worth fighting about, and maybe bending over and pulling down your pants to keep the peace isn't worth it anymore? We are committing cultural suicide with this so that we don't have to fight with lunatics and idiots that want to feel good about themselves and never will.

And then maybe Pop is right too. How do you fight lunacy like this without baseball bats, brass knuckles and guns? Because short of those, these idiots are not going to go back into their cages and closets willingly. Maybe it's just best to let the chinks take care of it for us when when the loons pull the roof down and we get conquered by the clippers.

Once our Chinese overlords take over and the blacks are shipped off to the work camps and organ farms, maybe I will make my way in the new Chinese bars as a penniless poet banging on the bongos and spouting bad verse.

Niggas Want The Moon

We coulda had the stars,
Bases on Mars

But Tyrone, he is a coon.
He won't pay his bills, or pull his weight
And demands we hand to him
The moon...

Gawd - that would probably suck in Chinese too! HAR HAR HAR!  

I have only one question for my moral and intellectual superiors. How much is keeping illiterate noggers in a relative state of peacefulness going to cost? Put a number on it? While the tards think about that, the rest of us need to think about the rapidly building costs of negro appeasement are. How many geniuses are getting shafted to make room for affirmative action flunkies? How many institutions have to collapse, and how many lunches will the chinese steal from us as we beat our heads against the wall trying to make blacks happy? We have been at this for 50 years now. The blacks aren't happy, old shitlib women like my mom aren't happy, and guys like us will be wondering how to pay our bills soon if this keeps up. Supposedly this is all the fault of white men like me too.

This was my childhood. It was the future my grandparent's generation wanted for me. Thanks, Mom! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Perhaps a newer, maybe friendlier space race with the chinese might be a better thing to focus our energies on. At least we'd have something to show for it...


  1. Damn ! I love your Blog. Seems like the whole world is twisted and going down the shitter

  2. How much? How many? Consider this for a moment.

    In this world we have two countries that clearly don't like each other: Israel and Palestine. Dispensing with a few thousand years of history for now, find a leader (or leaders) for each country and ask what it would take to satisfy the population in their country. Once the screaming and rending of garments has ceased and the rhetoric is over, what you'll be left with is Complete annihilation of our enemies!

    Okay, fine. Pick a side (just toss a coin; heads you win, tails I lose) and annihilate it. Now what?

    You'll get peace for a while, then the crap will start up again, only this time with someone else. Left to escalate, you'll have the same situation with different players.

    The reason for this is known to anyone who passed Economics 201, and is referred to as the unsatisfaction of human wants. In essence, we the survivors of Planet of the Apes, have never learned to be satisfied with what we have. We never have enough. Unsurprisingly, the more erudite, intelligent, and aged an individual is, the more likely it is that they'll look around themselves and not want for much of anything. Certain things, activities, or accomplishments would be nice to have, but are far from necessary for satisfaction with their daily life. Note that the inverse is also true, as evidenced by our current social problems.

    The impoverished, ignorant, and stupid minorities are bright enough to realize that they're unhappy, and that a predatory world has them for lunch every month, but they aren't smart enough to do anything about it. You ain't takin' no boy from the projects and in a few years of college turning him into a civic minded, think first shoot later, member of middle class society. Money, by the way, doesn't do it. Look at the criminal records of professional athletes and rap stars - does Biggy Smalls come to mind?

    But now a group has realized just how they might capitalize on this. The lowest, most violent social strata is being organized by the very same political party that helped keep them where they are today. The Democrats.

    Now we have riots. Again. Because those who don't study history have no ideas about the 1960s, the Black Panthers, and the Weathermen. What did it take to satisfy these groups? The real answer is as complex as the problem, but in short - they were never satisfied.

    So today we in the U.S. of A. are giving away free money (we'll just print more of it) and free you-name-it, and we run right into the unsatisfaction of human wants. We haven't learned.

    The future isn't looking too rosy from the nose-bleed seats. Although the situation does affect me, personally, there's very little I'm able to do about it. What I can do is write, and vote. And I can be satisfied with my life - which I am, by the way.

  3. Fireball XL5 was my favorite Saturday morning show when I was a kid. I remember being really pissed off because they preempted the show on the day after some guy named Kennedy got offed.