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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Afternoon Grump


Back before the Hell Mouse went gay and feral, the characters in their cartoons were like us. We were kings. Our daughters were princesses, our sons were princes, and our wives were queens - even this guy. He had life by the arse, taking his ease in a mud pool and farting his brains out! Life couldn't get any better than that for anyone, could it?

But of course, there has to be a story for the little ones, and in theirs - they all wound up in a bar filled with villains, cut throats and jack nasties. And to top it all off - Captain Hooke was on the piano.

This was probably one of the last great family pictures made by Disney, and when one looks at the dreck they churn out today, it serves to drive home how much we have lost. The hell mouse has since fallen to the people with special identities and perverted sexual habits, but there was a time when they were better people, and much like ourselves. There is still beauty and wonder in the world, but you won't find it with those guys.

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