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Friday, 28 May 2021

Any Swabbies Round Here?

 This guy is just typical of those buccaneers! If he gets hosed by enemy aircraft... at least his noggin is protected by the helmet, HAR HAR HAR! I dunno how I’d react in that situation to be honest. I’d either go full OHS and wear the flak jackets and all the other gear... but the truth of it is, is that when they start swapping big lead... if you’re in the wrong place, at the wrong time... that gear won’t do a thing to save you. The sailor may as well be comfortable while he works.

What I don’t get is - why the ridiculously oversized helmet? I’ve noticed that some of them wore regular pots... and some of them wore these. Anyone know why that is? 


  1. Ahoy matey, former Squid here.

    The oversize helmet is to provide room for the earpieces of a sound powered phone headset.
    You can see the mouthpiece on his chest.

  2. John in Philly is right- the helmet is extra large so that he could communicate (especially listen for directions) over the sound-powered-phones that he is wearing on his head under that helmet. That thing around his neck is a microphone for him to talk into. Low tech, but effective.

    1. Wonderfully low tech as no batteries are used.
      A popular snipe hunt for new sailors is sending them off on a search for sound powered phone batteries.

  3. its for RIDICULOUS SPEED of course,lol. no, its the comms. spaceballs has been repeating on the dish all month, sadly. remember to remember those we lost this weekend too.

  4. It must've been miserably hot and humid for that guy to be wearing the SPP harness on his bare chest. That had to be a misery of its own!