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Monday, 10 May 2021

Good Pistolcraft Is Uplifting, Not Distressing

Here's an uplifting videeyah for a Monday morn! I like Gerard. He is a national treasure right up there with Wirecutter and the feral Irishman.

Digital cameras are a bugger, I would like to know what the ranges were in this one. It looks like the cop brain panned the perp - he just went down like he was pole axed. That was a fine piece of shooting too - you have to lead a running target, I think our boy might have forgotten that in the heat of the moment - but he recovered well. I am no expert, but I have heard those who are say that you have to think your way through a gun fight. This fella did and finished with flying colours!

It did break my heart to see him ditch the BMW motorcyle that way though. What was that piece of rolling art worth? No motorcycle deserves that - but in this case it had to be done.

Welp, now that the fun is over, the work begins! Everybody: start making 'White Lives Matter" signs! Call the press, we will need to canonize and deify the perp (I am sure he was graduating high school and going to go to rocket science school). We'll all need to riot and piss and moan and then go clean out the local Walmart and Canadian Tire stores with some undocumented shopping and peaceful protest, HAR HAR HAR!!! I suppose I am being hatey and racisssss. Did I just commit a hate crime? Again? Oh, darn!!!!

Yes, Gerard, some cops are still on the job. But for how long?


  1. Yeah, the bike took an undeserved spill, but it can be fixed. Officer Brian Burch unloaded well and got to cover, then proved that he was cool under fire.

    So that's one violent felon that we won't have to spend any money on. No trial, no plea bargain, no jail time, and no getting out of this one.