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Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Hmpffff. Little over a year back, or maybe it was two - I began to read the bible and do something of an outhouse study of it. I started going to church too. I’m on a bible app on my cell where you can pick which version you want to read. To make things simple I chose a common English version. The wife and her friends at church seem to like the King James Version. Regardless... the Bible goes into detail about Jesus Christ... and sure, the voices of the apostles come through loud and clear... but I don’t really know much about the apostles, their lives and destinies beyond what they contribute to the bible.

Can any of you recommend some remedial reading? When I first dived in to this, a couple folks referred me to the Bible Project Channel on OyTube. It really was a help - it gave a brief overview of each chapter, some minor background info, and the points the various authors were trying to make. It made the effort much easier and more fun for sure. Is there something similar for the individual apostles?

 If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments - and thanks for your help.


  1. Foxes Book of Martyrs was interesting when I was younger. It had some hair raising stories in it about the Disciples.

    My first purchases for Bible study were these:

    an old copy of Haley's Bible Handbook
    Unger's Bible Dictionary
    Nave's Topical Bible.

    I'm sure they've been updated, and watered down by now. But those gave me more mileage than most others.

  2. The Urantia Book has four parts, the last is The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ. It is the most profound book we have on the planet.

  3. Start with short Daily devotionals (1/2 - 1/4 page each day) mailed monthly to you free) especially from Charles Stanley (In Touch) and David Jeremiah (Turning Point).
    Wealth of Wisdom to be gleaned. With the right outlook, each page will enhance your understanding about relationships. That's what it is all about. Love.

  4. Sorry I really didn't address your question about the apostles. This book tells us where and how the apostles died along with an in depth look at each one. I recommend you scroll through the index to a paper that appeals to you.

  5. I can't point to a version near you, but, some churches offer additional study outside of Mass on things like the ancient history of the Bible. Especially helpful for understanding the Old Testament. My wife did this a few years ago and while I couldn't attend, I got little bits of things that helped a lot. Maybe I'll be able to make the next one.

    Understanding the history helps so much to understand what is being referred to in conversation and references.