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Thursday, 20 May 2021

How Much Is Enough?

That actually isn’t a lot of gas 
if you have two


I’m not seeing a problem here. My jerry cans, added all together, probably come to 1/2 of that... and they are seldom if ever all filled at once. I use them only for lawn and yard machines and most are empty... but maybe I should get in the practice of filling them all. If the shelf life seems to be dragging out I can always dunk them down the Dawgmobile, use them up and cycle my stocks. Biden’s gas shortage is a learning moment, folks. 

And yeah - I have stockpiled TP too! And rice, flour and other consumables! Wanna make something out of it?😡


  1. the world is not enough....that was me twenty minutes after i heard about the pipeline, which was three days b4 mainstream put it out. i have a tank out back but the gas in it is 5 years old. yeah, i forgot to rotate. juiced it with pri-g and it seems to run okay but i don't trust it in my hemi. i will be rotating it thru the riding mower this summer. still no gas in my little town. next city over has about half and half and they aren't even served by the pipeline. ponder that....

  2. At least the couple in the photo have proper gas cans; there have been stories about people using plastic bags.

  3. The issue isn't that they're stocking up - it's the timing. Stocking up last week is prudent and good. Today it is a contributing cause of the shortage and a very asshole thing to do. These are the people who will try to rectify their lack of foresight by stealing your food.
    If the situation were more dire, they should be shot on sight.

    1. Let 'em try stealing my food, and the average I.Q. of the world will rise some tiny fraction of one percent.

  4. I topped off my fuel stores, which were down by five gallons, when I heard this crap starting up, and made sure the cars' tanks were full. After seeing the toilet paper wipe-out, I wasn't going to sit on it.
    That was the end of it. ...Maintaining a level of preparedness is good... Tiring, but good...

    People can be really, really stupid with gasoline...

  5. I keep about 20 gallons of non ethanol on hand myself. Mainly for my back up generator in hurricane season. Besides the price will only go up these days.