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Thursday, 13 May 2021

Jesus Chr-!!!


I seriously gotta get off Blab. Yesterday I saw one even more harrowing than this one - a girl decided to do the same thing. She stops on a ped bridge to let some people go by... and then she starts clambering over the guard rail to jump. Some fast thinking kids managed to grab her by the belt when she was halfway over and haul her back. What in hell is into our kids?

I still remember puzzling over Charlie Brown as a kid. He’d drop in on Lucy, who charged him five cents for psychiatric help. Once Chuck paid up, she’d tell him what a loser he was and he’d feel even worse afterwards. I didn’t get the joke as a kid and I struggle with it as an adult.

Kids these days are getting “bullied” on-line. They are literally committing suicide because of words on a screen. I don’t get it. I suppose, if I were to fill in for Lucy - the first thing I’d do is grab Charlie’s cell phone and grind it under my heel. Then I’d take a sledge to his computer. It’s an “off” button, Chuck! Use it!!! And of course, he’d probably feel even worse without it. Some humour is a little too dark for my liking.

We live in seriously evil and warped times. Our kids need some good work and play.


  1. Agreed that our kids (AND Adults) need GOOD work and play.
    But more than that, they need each other.
    We are designed to be Social, heck even those who hate being around people desire nature to commune with.
    Have you noticed the distance between ourselves and the problem has been steadily decreasing as the problem has gotten worse?
    I grew up in the 60s and 70s and I watched WAY too much TV. On the order of one hour a day, except Saturdays where that doubled to an hour in the morning and an hour at night. But the majority of my days were spent socializing with friends and family. Even back then experts were warning that we as a nation were spending way too much time vegetating in front of the idiot tube.
    EVERYONE from Doctors to Mom insisted that you watch it from across the room.
    Then computers and the internet and suddenly you sat right next to it and worked on it all day then went home and played on it at night.
    Then came the "smart" phones where you literally carried it with you, at home, at work, into the toilet, and even into your own bed. The closer the device gets the further our fellow human beings become. I have met children who can NOT interact with fellow human beings because all they know is the device. And they are MISERABLE 24/7.
    It is time that we as a society come to understand that we now posses the means of our own destruction, and some are happily handing them to their own children.
    I have seen a line of elementary school students waiting patiently to go into the lunch room and 90% of them had their beloved "smart" phone screwed up to their faces and they were oblivious to the world around them.
    Aside from building humans that are incapable of adding anything useful to society, we are building emotional basket cases that are fragile as glass and ALWAYS miserable.
    The kids don't know why they are miserable and can't tell you why because they have never had the companionship they need and don't even know what they have been missing.

    MSG Grumpy

  2. Glen, I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but we have created a society (especially in the last 1.5 years) where people are very much isolated, treated as if they have no power, and told (on the whole) they are selfish and inherently bad - and all of this without the benefit of somethin like hope (plug for The Gospel here). The reactions are incredible sad - but have a certain unfortunate logic to them.

    My only comfort on such days is that there is an ultimate Judgement coming.

    Your Obedient Servant, Toirdhealbheach Beucail

    1. You hit the nail on the head with the "hope," TB. As soon as God was forced to leave the building, all of this started in. The soul doesn't exist in a vacuum. The space that God occupied will be filled with something, or worse, nothing. Humans are weird. They actually need to know the meaning of life. If there's no meaning, there's no reason to live.... And here we are...

    2. From someone in the middle of this demographic: for most of us, very little of what we do MATTERS in any real sense. As long as you let your self-proclaimed "social betters" run your life, you won't starve, or go without shelter, or even entertainment. But - if you don't agree, or want something better, there is always a way to cut you down to size. Better jobs go to ones who knuckle under, any legally-obtained/reported extra income is taxed to the point it isn't worth the effort, most hobbies have been regulated into the ground, marriage is playing with fire, etc. and you often end up right where you started, except for the irreplaceable time you invested.

      And the church isn't any better. I've attended the same church for ten and some odd years, served in multiple ministries, been there before the Pastor comes in, been there after he's left. I'd had to change my hours a couple of years ago. Same church, same people, but now I can't always be the one getting the ball rolling, so to speak. Lots of words about loving and serving and family; of all the thousands I've met and hundreds I've gotten to know, the number people who have been willing to keep up with me now that I'm not an immediate benefit to them is two. And one of them hasn't lived in this state for six years.

      I think this has a lot to do with the popularity of blm, antifa, hell, even the Proud Boys. It is a chance to do something that has an impact, to prove to yourself you aren't just a cog in the machine, that you do, in fact, exist. When you hit that "long, dark teatime of the soul" and there isn't any "life" in your life, you either give up or start fighting. We have multiple generations now whose life is lifeless. Barring an act of GOD, this isn't getting better.

  3. ...A-a-and that would be the Golden Gate Bridge. The most desired suicide location in the country... The Coast Guard was always being called out to retrieve what was left of some hapless soul who decided to fly without wings. The bridge crew people would actually carry flares and smoke canisters on them. If one of them saw a jumper, they'd toss the smoke during the day, or the flare at night, to make it easier for the Coast Guard to find the body, as the current under that span is HUGE.

  4. I'm not one to think everyone needs saving. Let micro-evolution take its course. Let it work like it was designed.