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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Journeys In Space Time: The Land Of The Soviets


Tintin was long before my time. I couldn’t really appreciate him because my world was much smaller, more evolved, and much more orderly than the one that he and his creator lived in. I lived in modern North America; they lived in quaint Europe amidst antiques.

And so history may not repeat, but it will rhyme. Some aspects of the old world remain and serve to put the overhyped, sensationalized hysterics and preposterous doings today in perspective. It was a much different world back then, but eerily similar from time to time, in the oddest metaphorical ways. Tintin had his adventures amid dying empires. Our nations today begin to crumble around us as our institutions fail.

In another life I might have travelled to Europe as an amateur historical tourist. But where to begin? A single country in Europe could devour your time and interest at a breath. Belgium and Russia alone could consume several lifetimes.

Some journeys in space time aren’t worth the time of day. I think this one is. Make the most of yours and have a great Humpday.


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