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Saturday, 29 May 2021


I dunno if I would buy it again.
It would definitely be better accompanied by a nice cigar.

 I’m not a bourbon guy but could be. I got into a bottle of Blanton’s a couple years back and loved it. On my last overnighter at the range I decided to do a study on Buffalo Trace by the campfire. I used to have something of a palate and could identify the subtle notes of aromas and tastes that the experts found. I totally shat the bed on this one. Apparently on the nose it’s all toffee, caramel and burnt coffee. I swear I got the overwhelming scent of red fruit...probably apple and a hint of smoke. The experts said that only shows up in the finish and only subtly. 

Whatever. I had a magical night by the fire, serenaded by coyotes, and polished off about a third of the bottle. 

And the next morn I wished I was dead. I suppose I must accept the fact that I am too old to hold manly amounts of liquor.



  1. Your just out of practice. Cheers!

  2. Glen, there is no other whiskey than whiskey from Scotland. We have to train you out this Baja Canada liquor habit...

  3. I find Knob Creek to be a touch more smooth. I do like Four Roses for a less expensive taste. May I suggest dropping to 1/4 a bottle as we age. There is no really after effect of say 1/8 a bottle but as you move towards the 1/3 I think the long term suffering vs the current benefit curve is not in your favor. The problem is long term judgement diminishes in an inverse proportion. These are the things science should study...

  4. If it's from Scotland, it's called whisky (no "e").

    However, it is perfectly okay to embrace the power of "and". I like Scotch *and* good Kentucky bourbon.

    Some days a straight up dram of a good 15yo single malt hits the spot, and on some others a nice glass of Knob Creek or Barton's 1792 over ice does the trick.

  5. Correction noted Roy. That said, I have always found Bourbon a little harsh.

  6. Well I started off good. In my early 30's I discovered the six classic malts of Scotland and figured I had it all figured out when I discovered Craggenmore. That went right out the window when I came across Cardhu. My absolute favourite came shortly later with Highland Park. The Dalemore rounded out my top 3 and for years I always had a few bottles stashed.

    But then I hit rock bottom and started drinking blended whiskies. BW Bandy put me onto Red Bull. I dabbled in Gibsons and some of the less putrid Canadian brands... and then I ran into Bell's, Teachers, and worst of all - Famous Grouse. I became so debased that I drank them out of a jerry can like Mad Jack.

    I redeemed myself somewhat when I discovered bourbon. Knob Creek was smooth as silk but perhaps too smooth? Four Roses was okay too... but for me - bourbon means Blanton's.

    I still have a sizeable stock of single malts but I very seldom drink at all anymore and when I do I seem to regret it more and more. What will you pour for us when me and all the tards show up at the ranch TB? Lighter and photocopying fluid will do for Jack, Quartermain and Pete... but I hope you have something better for distinguished gents like us...? :)

    (I do hope you aren't a Talisker Man? That stuff isn't even fit for cudgels or jacknasties...)

  7. My brother in law got me a bottle of Lagavulin Single Malt from Islay. Very smooth.

  8. 'll second the Four Roses. If you want to spend some coin, and I'll probably get some guff over this, Nikka, a Japanese whiskey, is pretty fine stuff.

  9. Buffalo trace mixes well with ginger ale and that pairs wonderfully with an AJ Fernandez New World, either the maduro or the cameroon wrappers. I find a Padron 64 or an Andalusian Bull go nicely with Buffalo Trace either neat or rocked.

    Buffalo Trace distillery makes Blanton’s.