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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Mutiny At The World’s Smallest Airport


Holy Mackarel!!! It appears that our ace pilots at the RC Aircraft club are in full revolt!!! To put this in perspective, I am the youngest member of the squadron. The old hands are literally geriatrics that run around in Velcro shoes and Depends diapers. These guys take that club very seriously and live and die for it. At that age I suppose they can be forgiven; they probably don’t have much else on the go and the club is one of the few reasons they have to get out of the house. It shows too - our airfield runs by the book and things are as tight as they are at CFB Cold Lake. I don’t have to salute the senior officers but I have to defer to them the same way a squaddie does for a 5 star general, HAR HAR HAR!


No, I did not perform that act of insubordination... but you’d be correct to suspect it! And - if the fuggin cops and COVID Karen’s want to have a go at the geezers, somebody will get punched out in the process. Hell’s bells... the rod and gun club is wide open, so is the archery club... why not the airfield? I suppose they figure the old geezers are more vulnerable or something.

All I know is that when you make people this mad... something will eventually break...

1 comment:

  1. the rod and gun club is wide open..

    The stupidity of not leaving people to their own decisions especially people who have been making their own decisions
    for decades,, and then, leave other things open.. Yeah, smart.
    I don't understand how the community club gets closed.. The power is upside down.