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Thursday, 20 May 2021

Red Alert! 1911 Gurus To The Bridge! On The Double!!! Mold Problems!!!!


I may have a problem here, fellas - and your scholarly input is greatly appreciated!

I am a disciple of St. Browning and while I may not be one of his apostles... I know my way around the 1911 .45 ACP. I've shot them for over 30 years now, but all my shooting has been pretty tame; classical patty-cake target loads moving a 230 gr. cast lead bullet at around 750~850 FPS. If I recall, I taper crimp those to about .459" at the mouth and the loads provide better accuracy than I can take advantage of. I have set personal records with them, if that says anything (and probably doesn't).

Finding cast boolit moulds is practically impossible right now. Part of my drive to prep and secure my ammo supply is casting my own boolits where I can, and stocking up on those that I can't. The good ol' slab sided 1911 shoots cast lead with aplomb - but finding the classical 230 grain round nose is next to impossible. I may have made a mistake... any of you guys shot these 200 grainers in your 1911's?

I have shot lighter 200 gr. boolits with acceptable accuracy but they were much more conical in shape where as the boolits that drop from this mould will be more rounded. Think they will feed? With that big bejeezus meplat? If I can run them in the 45 Colt I will... but the classical load for that is a big 250 grain semi wad cutter... and flyweight boolits may or may not work well in that either.

As per usual here at the Thunderbox, all advice, rude jokes, and insults are greatly appreciated.

Have yourselves an awesome day.


  1. Hi Glen,

    "... any of you guys shot these 200 grainers in your 1911's?"

    Short answer, no I have not shot that bullet.

    However, I have been casting boolits since 1978 and shot bullseye competition for decades. My two 45 cal handgun bullet molds are RCBS--!l=RC&i=82052!l=RC&i=82050

    (I only linked to the above because they have decent illustrations. Ye gods, but those things have gotten pricey!)

    The 185 gr bullet was the one I shot in competition. I chose it for 1) lighter weight and so less recoil during rapid fire strings and 2) I had RCBS machine a seating plug that would contact the bullets only on the front driving band so that they would seat squarely. (I lived in Chico, CA, 20 minutes up the road from RCBS in Oroville). At that time, the rounded one-size-fits-all seating plugs just didn't cut it. I still use that plug for that bullet, but for other stuff I have switched to the Hornady seating dies with the sliding collar for the bullet.

    I don't recall any significant feeding issues, although I did polish the chamber and feed ramp--Dremel tool with a felt drum and JB bore cleaner works great. They were just target loads, so I had to use a lighter weight recoil spring.

    I use the 255 gr. bullet for 45 Colt. That said, just out of curiosity I loaded some in 45 ACP and they worked fine. I also paper patched some up to .458 and shot them in 45-70. Sort of a poor man's .444. They shot very well.

    Hope some of this helps.

    1. I’ll concur...shot 185 gr semi’s for bullseye & steel challenge and didn’t have any problems. Went to a 12# recoil spring due to the lighter, softer loads. I’ve run 200 gr LRNFP thru the 45 Colt as well. The Marlin lever gun feeds those well. Those should feed in your 1911, just watch the COL & diameter. Running them thru a sizer might be prudent.

  2. Get yer cre-Bit-card out and jump on this one Flithicus.....
    .452 / 228 grain round nose Lee six cavity mold
    Lee #90352
    80$ not far off regular pre chinki-pox price.

  3. and
    I've bought from this guy before. He is good and ships quick.

  4. I have set personal records with them...

    I note without surprise that the firearms aficionado in question fails to specify the type and nature of the personal record set. Was it, for instance, failure to come within six inches of shooting his own toes off in 50 shots? Or is it the famous six in six record - six shots in the black from six feet away?

    I have a Springfield 1911 that eats anything, but I've never shot a 200 grain bullet through her. My suggestion is to polish the loading ramp until it looks like a mirror and try a few. They may stovepipe, and if so you'll probably end up installing a weaker spring. I suppose you could try a hotter load or a firmer grip, but my money would be on the spring.

  5. If you don't want to cast 200 gr bullets try these guys. polymer coated HyTec coating

    You could also try Bayou Bullets , but their backlog is 10 weeks or so..