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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Red Alert: Altaboy To The Bridge! On The Double!!!


I think I have my visitors straight...? Altaboy - if you stop by... you had lead ingots and boolits for sale if I remember correctly? I am sorry - I am a meat head - I lost your price list! I need to pick up some ingots ASAP! If you have a 100 lbs. for sale please let me know! I am not picky, I just need some ingots or alloys for some patty-cake 45 ACP cast lead loads, 

Cripes, the geeks on the Cast Boolit forum all scrounge theirs but I can't find any for love or money! The tire shops are all in the pocket of other gun club stubfarts and save theirs for them... and none of the damned scrap companies are selling, they only buy. 

If you're reading this please check in! I would like to place an order if I can...!

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