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Monday, 24 May 2021

Skid Marks

I don’t get it. I think I heard it said somewhere that civilizations and cultures die when they can no longer tell a story. If that’s true there are some foreboding ones coming out of Hollywood... and some REALLY bad news out of Japan. Say what ya want about anime but... you couldn’t ask for a better venue or format to tell a story. It’s vibrant, kinetic, and dramatic... and yet it all revolves around screechy voiced female characters, and preposterous growling male ones. The Japs also seem to have a kink for androgynous characters too... I have no idea what that’s about...

Yannow, I’d give my left nut for one good story. Those ones with an actual plot? With actual characters that aren’t xeroxed off the tired old tropes and stereotypes? The soul starves.


  1. Then write that book, dammit.....

    1. I would but I would probably have to learn to read first CM! 😉