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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Snake Guns

 One of my biggest mistakes and regrets in life is that I have never owned a Colt pistol. I was in school when the first Pythons came out and by the time I could afford one - they went out of production. When they were revived... I already had a safe full of guns and really wasn’t shooting them much anymore. And in the real world... you can take any chithouse garden variety S&W or Ruger, do the springs and triggers... and they will shoot as smooth as a Colt. 

But they will never be Colts. 

Hickok 45 learns us everything we need to know
about the latest snake
from Colt.
He is looking frail and old these days
but he is still a fine shot.

Colt has historically been a troubled gun company. They got bought and sold, rebranded, streamlined... and a couple times taken over by the same corporate whores that are destroying the ‘Made In America’ pride  of workmanship that just recently took Remington and Marlin down. When I was a boy, when the stubfarts headed to the range for a match to shoot for medals instead of coffee... the Gold Cups and Pythons came out on the line. And gawd - they were shooters to be reckoned with. As a kid they thoroughly spanked my arse so often I lost count. Most of ‘em were old farts like Hickock 45 too. Yannow... it galls the crap out of me but I think half of those old bastids could still best me 35 years later!!!😡

I am not overly enthusiastic about the .44 mag, my Rugers are built like tanks and I can almost load my 45 Colt to magnum ballistics if I wanted to... but if I had the money you guys have... I’d ante up for dies and brass in a heartbeat.

Maybe in the next life...😔


  1. Have you seen the price for a new python?

  2. In today's reality... that is what old world brand name craftmanship costs. I think another question that should be posed to the gun guys is - have you seen the utter CRAP churned out by their competitors? Good grief - you see that kind of workmanship coming out of China...

    But at least it keeps the gunsmiths happy...