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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

So Are Pete, Jack and Quartermain...

I’m just posting this as a public 
service announceMINT.
People have a right to know, and ya won’t see this on
Friday Night Steam.

You’re welcome!


  1. Battery

    I bet it's frustrating when BOB runs out of batteries.

  2. I'm only an amateur slut, and I have my amateur card to prove it.

  3. HAR HAR HAR!!!

    I sent this to Flapz who used to work at CN, nad he in turn sent it to the wanks he used to work with there. They are having all kinds of rude sport with it too.

    I think we are all sluts of one kind or other, HAR HAR HAR!!!

  4. Made me laugh when I saw it. Then I wanted to know what he did to make him a slut. I bet it was very slutty