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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Strange Shortages

 I am well aware of the accute ammo shortages in the USA. They hit us up here but to a much lesser extent. If cross border shopping were possible on ammo, the starving Yanks would have cleaned us out too. I’ve been smugly patting myself on the back because I stocked up years ago and haven’t had to worry about ammo at all.

I DID spot a hole in my gun preps though - I have just started getting seriously into bullet casting ... and no gun lends itself to casting better than the 45 ACP! Or the 45 Colt! They throw big chunks of lead at low velocities... and I can virtually eliminate my projectile costs if I start pouring my own!😊👍

But - dear gawd!  All I want is a cheapo Lee two holer that will drop the classic 230 grain round nose bullets. I used to be able to get these right in town. Now - pretty much EVERYONE is out of stock! I want one that will do 250 gr. semi wad cutters for the 45 Colt, and a round ball mould for my percussion pistol. I may have found one for the 1911... but the other two...nada.

Bullet casting is a pain for some folks but it is almost a necessity when ammo supply trains get derailed. I would never have guessed that casting would have been hit by the shortages... but now I know better.


  1. Yeah, welcome to my neighborhood. Everything is/has been unobtainium for months, and it is my bet this will go on for anither year or more. I thought that I was pretty well stocked up before this began, but if it ever gets back to something close to "normal" I'm going to have to build a magazine to store my supplies.

    I have found powder coating to be a great improvement over greasy lead. Just choose a bullet shape with a small step from body to nose, like TL452-230-2R or the -TC. This way the slight increase in diameter does not carry onto the nose and cause problems. A traditional sizer or Lee push-through works fine.

  3. I told you six months ago.... there are no LEE products to be had anywhere.... zip... zilch.... nada.. either they quit production or someone is buying them wholesale and stashing them. What little shows up on fleabay has a 400% markup.

  4. Too bad you ain't anywhere near me, I have somewhere between 1000-2000 pounds of casting material (lead and linotype) that I have no use for. I have tried to get rid of it locally but nobody seems to want it.