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Sunday, 30 May 2021

Sunday BBQ Gun


This is one of the damnedest guns on the shelves today. These guns with the Bisley hammers and the bird’s head grips were never a real historical firearm. The first one was made by Mike Bellevue - an expert black powder geek and gun club stubfart/historian. He has a charming channel on JewTube that is worth your time if you like black powder guns as I do. The lore is he built one from parts he cobbled together, did a write up in one of the gun rags - somebody in Hollywood saw it... and then this modern retro classic was off to the races.

I came within a hair of buying one back a couple years. They are really easy in the hand and popular with women in the cowboy action matches. This thing would be just perfect for a lady’s working gun and might conceal nicely with a little thought. The balance on them is to die for. They’d make a fine vest gun and would be just perfect in case an informal target match breaks out before Sunday supper.

I turned my nose up at the one I was thinking of because it was in 357, and I didn’t want to buy dies and stock bullets, cases and powder for another calibre. I was a dumbass; that calibre is exactly why you SHOULD buy it! You can run pattycake 38 loads for targets and the wife and kids to shoot, right on up to the hottest fire breathing 357 magnum loads for the bears or joggers and vibrants. I dare say if that one I was looking at were in 45...? It would have been a done deal!😊👍

Maybe in the next life...


  1. I've shot one, and they are pretty nice. .38s are easy on the gun and on the hand. I only shoot .357 once in a great while, even less now that the cost of ammo is in high orbit.

  2. Mines a 4" Berretta Stampede Marshall with Birdshead Grip but with the regular hammer. It does have a transfer bar and is in .45 Colt. Packs a wallop for a small gun.